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  1. GWS2000

    ESL finer positioning & placement

    Greetings. I have the Classic 9's in my large room, the bass module it 10" from the wall according to what ML suggests (going by the woofer size - and then some). This puts the panel about 3' into the room. No sound absorption what ever behind them or to the nearest side walls. Toe in is also...
  2. GWS2000

    Brand New Today!

    Yes, yes!, all is up now in the Showcase area. Many thanks!
  3. GWS2000

    Lighting / illumination behind stator panels

    Hello, new guy here, but noted this topic. Just took this today for you. LED up cans on the floor behind a Classic 9. Remote controls for all the usual parameters. You can see lots more over in the 'show your system' section Enjoy!
  4. GWS2000

    From 'Longfellow Music Hall'

    Hello everyone. (this is a bit long for sure!) Just joined MLO and it was suggested to post into this showcase thread. It is a 2.1 system comprised of a pair of Martin Logan Classic '9's from the Masterpiece series. Driven by John Curl designed (Parasound) Halo P6 preamp/DAC and the A-21...
  5. GWS2000

    ML Renaissance ESL 15A

    Very nice! The flagships !
  6. GWS2000

    Review after a year in...

    Will post new photos for you and the group in 'System Showcase'. I will be happy to show the room treatments in use Thank you.
  7. GWS2000

    Brand New Today!

    Hello everyone, and glad to be onboard with fellow Martin Logan enthusiasts! I was all excited today because I received in the snail mail a personally written letter from Joe. V. as a response to a written letter I sent off to the company for ALL employees to read and share! Being a VERY...
  8. GWS2000

    Review after a year in...

    Love the simplicity! Got the same going on in my space.........NO CLUTTER (O:
  9. GWS2000

    Review after a year in...

    Hello, I am new as of today and this writing. Long time owner of a pair of 1968 Klipschorns and Dynaco tube gear. Back in 2019, and thanks to my local brick and mortar audio shop, I made the complete turn around! Horns sold, Martin Logan Classic 9's IN, and never looked back. Per my dealer...
  10. GWS2000

    Comment by 'GWS2000' in media 'IMG 4194'

    Very nice listening space!