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  1. Brandon Hartwick

    New ML Owner. CLS II's re-paneled and brought up to spec.

    Sounds like one set of binding posts probably runs through some different passive components to alter the upper frequency response. I imagine you only use one set or the other, not both.
  2. Brandon Hartwick

    Primaluna evo300 with esl

    What model of ESLs do you have? At 44W per channel that amp might be a bit shy on power.
  3. Brandon Hartwick

    My apartment setup

    It's Dayton Audio software to pair with the DSP-408 unit. It's really easy to use and setup, I highly recommend it and so far it also seems sonically transparent. Pair this with Room EQ Wizard you could really dial things in exactly how you like it, last night I had really good results just...
  4. Brandon Hartwick

    My apartment setup

    Adventures with DSP and active crossovers I'm a believer, this unit is amazing. With 4 inputs and 8 outputs you have a huge amount of flexibility. It's wild being able to sit on the couch and dial everything in on the fly with a laptop. Last night I got the bookshelf speakers setup and we're...
  5. Brandon Hartwick

    My apartment setup

    In other news, I got my bookshelf speakers together last night but ran out of time to setup the DSP. One thing is for sure, I will never be a carpenter... 600V rated industrial cable for speaker wire for you wire enthusiasts Also added another set of binding posts to my Aerius speakers...
  6. Brandon Hartwick

    My apartment setup

    Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely look into adding a wing to the side of the panel. For woofers I was looking at the paper cone Dayton Reference woofers, the frequency response looks pretty good on those.
  7. Brandon Hartwick

    My apartment setup

    This isn't my drawing or design, but after talking with some more experienced builders this sounds like the best way to go. I will likely be using 4 10" woofers per channel instead of 6 7" woofers, this will better match the 4' height of the panel I'm using. I'm going to run both the woofers...
  8. Brandon Hartwick

    System #538 (Renaissance ESL 15A)

    Inductors are much harder to spec and replace, I would leave them alone unless you know what you're doing as far as crossover design goes. I'm currently designing a fully active ESL setup with no passive crossovers, that should be interesting.
  9. Brandon Hartwick

    Another newbie

    Take a 9V battery with some wire and touch it on the woofer terminals and see if it moves. If not then pull the woofer and investigate further
  10. Brandon Hartwick

    My apartment setup

    I mean, I personally don't mind the toe in, mine are only angled a little bit and that seems to be ideal. I understand what you're talking about though, it wouldn't be a hard thing to build by any means really. I'm not sure what that would do to phase/timing having the woofer off axis from the...
  11. Brandon Hartwick

    My apartment setup

    I told myself I wouldn't do this, but here we are. I am soon to acquire a pair of nearly new panels from a pair of ML Quest's, I already have the electronics I need minus crossovers. I will be designing woofer enclosures and panel frames from scratch out of laser cut steel. Each speaker will...
  12. Brandon Hartwick

    Stat panel dust sleeves

    As far as I'm aware nothing exists, but I have previously thought about pulling the panels and having them wrapped in grill cloth. Then you could re-install them and it would look almost factory.
  13. Brandon Hartwick

    Testing/replacing transformers

    That's a really good price actually, I'll have to look into those further. The closest the Aussies had was 100:1, no big deal as I'm going active anyway.
  14. Brandon Hartwick

    Some amp suggestions for bedroom system

    Crown XLS pro amplifier and an affordable EQ from Schiit if you want to warm it up at all.
  15. Brandon Hartwick

    New Member, not so new Sequel II's

    If you're trying to drive everything direct and use electronic crossovers and DSP for everything than this is the correct approach. I have not tried active crossovers on the ESL panel but it would definitely be an interesting experiment to try. If you do this please post up your results, I'm...
  16. Brandon Hartwick

    My apartment setup

    Thanks! I try to detail my work well so others can copy/learn from it easily. As for the crossovers, you don't need to add anything. Just disconnect the crossover wires from the lower set of binding posts and run a new set of wires directly to the woofer. Alternatively you can do what I did...
  17. Brandon Hartwick

    My apartment setup

    It's probably 6ft or so, I'll measure later this evening when I get home. I don't think it has as much to do with height as it does with cone area. The woofers hardly even move so everything is super clean, I really like this and the subwoofer tower will definitely be staying. EDIT: To the...
  18. Brandon Hartwick

    My apartment setup

    I installed a giant stack of subwoofers this weekend. This actually works extremely well, the bass is fast, clean and you can feel it in your chest. This sounds way better than the single 12" I had previously.
  19. Brandon Hartwick

    Testing/replacing transformers

    Found some, I'll have to get them from Australia if I end up buying them. Not many companies make replacements.
  20. Brandon Hartwick

    My apartment setup

    Thanks! Yes the Vette is wrapped, a number of years ago I had a AWD Mazdaspeed 6 that was painted similar and I really missed how it looked. I helped a local wrap guy come up with the design. We usually mount up our wheels at our shop before driving to the track. We don't trailer the cars...