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  1. Dolfin

    Main speakers.... Ascent i's or Odyssey?

    Good call on the panel being the same size. I was in error. As to the condition of the speakers, I have not put eyes/ears on them as of yet. Part of me is trying to talk myself out of buying them as it would leave me with yet another pair of logans in my already "full of logans" house. :)
  2. Dolfin

    Main speakers.... Ascent i's or Odyssey?

    So, I currently have Ascent i's, but found a guy that's selling a pair of Odyssey's $1200. If I were to get them, would my Ascent I's still be a better speaker? Looking at the specs, the odyssey's got a gen1 panel and front/rear drivers. Bass is not a problem in my HT because of my SVS...
  3. Dolfin

    1-2 blown tweeters in ML Theater speaker. :(

    Thank you, I will give her a shot.
  4. Dolfin

    1-2 blown tweeters in ML Theater speaker. :(

    I am the second owner of this particular ML theater. I can't speak for how it was used/abused prior but this speaker went through hell and back and was at one time in several pieces after fedex "dropped" it off of a truck (more than once). It went through ML support by way of Jim Power to...
  5. Dolfin

    1-2 blown tweeters in ML Theater speaker. :(

    Does anyone have Dana's contact information or do I just call ML support? Thanks!
  6. Dolfin

    1-2 blown tweeters in ML Theater speaker. :(

    Does anyone happen to know an aftermarket replacement for blown tweeters in a ML theater speaker? Just figured I'd check here before I contacted ML. Thanks in advance!
  7. Dolfin

    New Martin Logan Center Channel "Feature"

    I'll keep my Theater :music:
  8. Dolfin

    Aeon (non-I) to Ascent I upgrade?

    Just an update on this.... I won the auction on ebay for the Ascent I's (got em for 1675$!!!!). Will be picking them up this week sometime. Thanks again for all of the advice and proper kicks to the pants that I needed to make this decision. :bowdown:
  9. Dolfin

    Aeon (non-I) to Ascent I upgrade?

    Divorced, so that's a non-issue. :D Next full time woman is going to be an audiophile.... period. :rocker:
  10. Dolfin

    Aeon (non-I) to Ascent I upgrade?

    Thanks for the replies! We'll see if the deal goes through. If so, I might need to update my member page. :D
  11. Dolfin

    Aeon (non-I) to Ascent I upgrade?

    So, here's the question.... how much better are Ascent I's than the Aeon's? I have the chance to upgrade mine (maybe keep the Aeon's for a 7.1 setup or something). Just looking for anyone that has heard both the Aeon's and the Ascent's and give some feedback on if the upgrade is worthwhile.
  12. Dolfin

    War Of The Worlds (DTS) "Two Disc Limited Edition"

    I don't think anyone watches a tom cruise movie for fantastic acting. :) And I'm with you on the shooting Owen Wilson. I can't stand that man. The nice thing with War of the Worlds is that the best parts of the film are accessable via chapter search, AND that in those scenes, there's very...
  13. Dolfin

    Dead can Dance - Spiritchaser

    Awesome, I didn't know we had any other Dead Can Dance fans here. :)
  14. Dolfin

    Oh No!!!!!

    Ok, now I'm REALLY confused. First of all, muchisimas gracias Roberto for your reply. I physically swapped the Aeon's. I had left the one which I thought was bad unplugged over-night as well. Now everything seems to be working. I made no changes to my preamp or my amplifier. So what...
  15. Dolfin

    Oh No!!!!!

    If it was just the panel I'd imagine that the woofer would still be working.... or is that not the case? :confused:
  16. Dolfin

    Oh No!!!!!

    One of my Aeon's is no longer functioning. First I thought it was the amp, but after moving channels around I was able to narrow it down to the Aeon. The red light still comes on at the base of the panel, but with the exception of an occasional faint crackle from the panel (have to be real...
  17. Dolfin

    Replaced factory jumpers for my Aeon i's

    Is biwire in the future or not?
  18. Dolfin

    Recent spam activity on the site, etc.

    Good on ya Tom. I run forums of my own, so I know what a nightmare that spam stuff can be.
  19. Dolfin

    System #78 (Aeon, Theater, Script)

    Small update Finally got around to bi-wiring my Aeons. I think it brightened up the panels up a bit.. and it looks cool too! :D
  20. Dolfin

    A Monumentous Occasion...

    Robin, don't you dare discount for one second how important your participation in this forum has been. Your learning and sharing has done the very same to others. :D