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  1. Dolfin

    Main speakers.... Ascent i's or Odyssey?

    So, I currently have Ascent i's, but found a guy that's selling a pair of Odyssey's $1200. If I were to get them, would my Ascent I's still be a better speaker? Looking at the specs, the odyssey's got a gen1 panel and front/rear drivers. Bass is not a problem in my HT because of my SVS...
  2. Dolfin

    1-2 blown tweeters in ML Theater speaker. :(

    Does anyone happen to know an aftermarket replacement for blown tweeters in a ML theater speaker? Just figured I'd check here before I contacted ML. Thanks in advance!
  3. Dolfin

    Aeon (non-I) to Ascent I upgrade?

    So, here's the question.... how much better are Ascent I's than the Aeon's? I have the chance to upgrade mine (maybe keep the Aeon's for a 7.1 setup or something). Just looking for anyone that has heard both the Aeon's and the Ascent's and give some feedback on if the upgrade is worthwhile.
  4. Dolfin

    Oh No!!!!!

    One of my Aeon's is no longer functioning. First I thought it was the amp, but after moving channels around I was able to narrow it down to the Aeon. The red light still comes on at the base of the panel, but with the exception of an occasional faint crackle from the panel (have to be real...
  5. Dolfin

    Blu ray.

    I read from that the first movie released on blu ray was charlie's angels: full throttle. Now I like attractive lassies as much as the next bloke, but WHY pick such a lackluster title to demonstrate a new digital video format? It just makes me sick in the pit of my stomach that...
  6. Dolfin

    System #78 (Aeon, Theater, Script)

    1. Member Name: Ryan 2. Location: El Mirage, Arizona USA 3. ML Model(s): Aeon, Theater, Scenario, Script 4. Year Purchased: 2001-2005 5. Mods/Changes: N/A 6. Associated Electronics: Video Panasonic TH-50PX500U 50" Plasma Monitor Pioneer Elite DVR-57H DVR/DVD recorder Samsung DVD-HD950...
  7. Dolfin

    Aeon vs Scenario

    I have a chance to purchase mint condition AEON's from a local seller. I'm just curious if there's really that big of a difference between the Aeons over the Scenario's which I am currently using for my front speakers. Anyone have an opinion either way? Would it be a waste of money?
  8. Dolfin

    Stand for plasma and ML Theater.

    Hey everyone, I am going to be in the market for a new plasma tv (panasonic TH-50PX500U), and have been pulling my hair out trying to find something that will hold not only the plasma, but the ML Theater speaker off the floor. I have no desire to wall-mount either of them, so I need a piece of...
  9. Dolfin

    Damaged ML Theater!

    I'm now the proud owner of a damaged ML Theater speaker. Functionally, it's perfect, but it would seem that FedEx ground was a bit too rough in the handling of my new precious speaker. The reason behind my posting is that I was hoping that some of you good people perhaps might have suggestions...