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  1. TomDac

    New member with Quest speakers

    Depends on the condition. Original panels? After nearly 30 years (Quests were launched in 1991), the panels are most likely in need of replacement, which will run a couple thousand bucks. I sold my reQuests about 12 years ago for $2000 USD. IMHO, your speakers if all original are worth a...
  2. TomDac

    Pimped my Quest’s

    WOW.. very nice job!!
  3. TomDac

    System #460 (CLX)

    Nice job, Roberto!! It took me MONTHS to rip all of my CD's.. WOW.. what a big task.. Make sure to keep a backup offsite.
  4. TomDac

    Peter Soderberg has left ML...sad news , great guy !

    Good guy.. He was here on MLO quite often.. Good Luck to you, Peter...
  5. TomDac

    Time for bed...

    One of the best pranks ever!! ROFL!
  6. TomDac

    Howdy from a long time fan/owner

    Glad you found us.. Welcome.
  7. TomDac

    Prodigy V's Request

    Odyssey was the next iteration (if you will) to the reQuest. Prodigy was a huge step up. Summits used all the better tech, including powered subs, of course. If you've never seen the Prodigy in real life, they are MASSIVE. The woofer enclosure is just huge.. I would suspect they are...
  8. TomDac

    How about a Zoom session to commemorate the new site and 13th anniversary of our visit to ML in Lawrence, KS?

    Here's the pics from the 2007 event. MLC Get Together 2007 - Google Drive
  9. TomDac

    Newish to ML

    HI Keat. Your best bet is to contact ML tech support and they can walk you thru some troubleshooting steps. Before you do that, vacuum the panels front and back after leaving them unplugged for 24 hours.
  10. TomDac

    New Impression 11A's

    Nice sized room for those. Do you already have the Yamaha? I'm not a huge fan of their gear, so that wouldn't be my choice. I'd look at Denon if you need to have the room for HT duties too, otherwise go with a proper pre-amp or integrated.
  11. TomDac

    Any good media streamers coming out, or just released lately?

    I'm still using my Oppo BDP105D as my streamer and with the iOS app, controlling it is easy. I've also used Synology's AudioStation to send music files to my Oppo, but I prefer to just use the Oppo natively. I've looked at Lumin, Aurender, etc. and wonder how much better could they be than...
  12. TomDac

    Vista sparking

    I got a gnat in my Summit panel once.. it sparked and killed the little guy. I powered them off for 24 hours, did a vacuum and they were good as new.
  13. TomDac

    Hi I'm Angie

    Hi Angie, you do need to hear a properly set up ML system.. It's jaw dropping incredible.
  14. TomDac

    Time for bed...

    Looks like the new owners have migrated everything over to their new software! That was pretty easy. Thanks for the kind words, everyone. Much love to you all!
  15. TomDac

    Time for bed...

    Thanks everyone.. I am on FB and IG, if anyone wants to stay in touch Tom D'Acquisto on FB tomdacquisto on IG Best regards, everyone..
  16. TomDac

    Time for bed...

    I'll be around. :-)
  17. TomDac

    Time for bed...

    Groupbuilder will make the site better, i'm sure.. maybe it will flourish.. I just know I'm not the man to take it to the next level. It's been a wonderful 15+ years.
  18. TomDac

    Time for bed...

    hi everyone, with the latest sitelock/hostgator issues we've been having, I've decided to let go of the site.. I'll be turning it over to GroupBuilder, who will host it, run it, etc. It's been a lot of fun over the years, but the interest just doesn't seem to be there and I'm not as involved...