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    Sound breaks while playing song

    hi everyone, I just set up 2 esl x and esl c with denon avr x 8500 ha and emotiva gen 3 amp 2 days back. My 1600X connects to denon and 3 speakers connect to emotiva. I used RCA to connect receiver to amp which are placed either side of centre unit. I hear breaks in songs .. very short but if...
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    No sound from new esl-c!!

    I just purchased electrostatic speakers, unboxed and set up connections. I have connected 2 front esl x and center esl c with emotiva amp. My receiver is denon 8500ha. I have connected subwoofer with denon. There is no sound is esl c. Do I need to set up something ? All other speakers work fine...
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    Emotiva Amp for ML ESL X

    Hi Everyone, I am a new joiner to this website. I have just purchased a pair of ESL X, ESL C. I am planning to power them with Emotiva XPA-5 Gen3 5 Channel Audiophile Home Theater Power Amplifier. I also saw that they also have XPA-DR3 Differential Reference™ Three-Channel Power Amplifier...