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  1. orjanb

    SL3 project =)

    Here´s a picture of my latest SL3 surround project =) Removed the panels from the original frame and builded a new one so I could hang the panels on the side and rear walls, saves a lot of space and do I need to say it sounds great! What do you think of my little project?
  2. orjanb

    Same panel on SL3 and Ascent?

    Is it the same panel in SL3 and Ascent ? Is it possible to take SL3 panels (new model) and put it on a pair of Ascent? Looked at the pdf on sl3 and ascent at the ML site to check size and the only difference is how deep they are. Best regards
  3. orjanb

    System #212 (SL3, Theater)

    System #212 (Prodigy, 2xSL3 , 2xTheater) Name: Örjan Bjursell Location: Sweden New setup: 2014-10-26 ML Model(s): Prodigy, 2xSL3, 2xTheater Associated Equipment: Source: Dune HD Max Projector: Sony Vpl-VW95es Preamps: Marantz AV-8801 Amps: 1x Rotel RB-1090 Front 2x Rotel RMB-1095 center and...
  4. orjanb

    SL3 vs Ascent

    Hi, I own a par of SL3 with new panels, now I´ve found a pair of Ascent (not i) also with brand new panels. I can´t go there to listen to them so the best thing to do is to ask you experts here at Martinloganowners :D Is it the same panel on both of them? It seems to be the same size on the...
  5. orjanb

    Upgrade SL3?

    Hi, First I have to say thanks for an exellent forum =) And sorry for my crappy english :D My story is like this.... I´ve had an fire in my home and the house was filled with smoke 2 times. Sad to say the ML where exposed to the smoke and now the panels is about to be changed. Did find an...