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    1. Member Name: Tony C 2. Location: Taiwan 3. ML Model(s): Electromotion ESL 4. Year Purchased: 2021 5. Mods/Changes: Rake angle, and Isoacoustics Gaia ii feet 6. Associated Electronics: Micromega M100 integrated amplifier Audio GD DI-20 90/98m DDC MacBook Pro GPSDO 10mhz Clock...
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    Panel powered by battery

    Has anyone here tried power panels by portable power bank or other type of battery? Idea was inspired by King's Audio HK, they have a mini stat hybrid bookshelf with battery add-on as an option. Not sure base on ML's design will present any beneficial to the sound, What's your opinion?
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    Help please, a tiny dent on the panel

    Hi all, my son knocked over one of the Clarity and luckily the speaker survived the fall. The speaker output just fine however I can hear an annoying static pop during low volume play. I took the flesh light and checked every inch of the panel and found a tiny dent and where the static pop is...
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    Hi everyone

    Hello everyone, Back in the 90s, owned just about every pair of Logan from Scenario to ReQuest. I've been Martin Loganless about past 10 years after relocating to Taiwan. Finally have the opportunity to get back into the game, due to high price ML in Asia, picked up a pair used Clarity from...