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    New Review of Summit X

    Just got this month's issue of HiFi+. It contains a well-written review of the Summit X. The review is by Alan Sircom. What I particularly found instructive was his explanation of the Summit, Summit X differences. One of his major contentions is that the "X" improves on all the stregnths of...
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    Fremer reviews PH7

    In this month's S'Phile, Mikey reviews the old version of the soon-to-be-updated PH7. Most reviewers have given this phono pre a great deal of praise. If you want to read the stereotype of a luke-warm review, read Mikey's comments. I'm not surprised at the tone of this review given Mikey's...
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    New ARC Stuff

    Frankly, I don't know why this stuff belongs in "Analog" just 'cause it uses tubes. But I digress: Just seen on the ARC bulletin board - 2 noteworthy items. 1st - New Ref 5 Line Stage about to be released. 2nd - new power supply upgrade for PH7 (6H30s in ps to be replaced by a single 5881.)
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    Digital TV Transition

    A friend of mine asked me this question to which I was not able to give a positive answer: "I have a feed coming into my house from the cable company. Before the box, I have this signal split into 4. After the DTV transition date, what would happen if I hooked a D-to-A set top box to one of...
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    Concert Reviews

    I had the good fortune to hear live music twice during the past 2 weeks and I'd like to offer up some opinions. The first concert that I attended was Bob Dylan at the Jones Beach Theatre, and the second was titled "Moscow on the Hudson" at Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, NY. To review the...
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    Stereophile Show In NYC

    Anyone from metro area going to the show? I'll be there on Friday and Sunday. Maybe we can meet and cement an NYC ML chapter!
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    Birthday Present

    OK - So my wife had no idea what to get me for a present. I said, "don't worry, I'll take care of it myself." So I just ordered that REF 3. Oh, it's not as bad as it sounds. I'll sell the BAT VK51SE and the ARC VT 100 III to defray a good deal of the cost of the new toy. I expect it in...
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    New Tube Pre

    For all you tube lovers and tube wannabees (are you listening, Robin?): Balanced Audio of Delaware has just announced the release of 4(!) new tube preamps. There's stuff on their website if you're interested. They are (in order of decreasing cost): The Rex, the VK52se, the vk32se and the vk...
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    System #154 (Summit, Cinema i, Fresco, Depth)

    Seth Baskin here in The Big Apple. OK – Here it is –finally: Pictures of my system. The oldest piece here is the preamp which was acquired in 2002. The newest pieces are the stereo amp and phono pre (2006); and the Summits (2005.) The other Logans were bought in 2004. Obviously, with such...
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    Audiogon Warning

    Especially to all those who post (or might post on Audiogon): I posted my VT100 amp on audiogon about 5 days ago. (BTW, I just received the REF110.) Although I noted that I would rather sell in the US only, I received several offers from Europe. One person, from Sweden, seemed to be very...
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    ARC REF 110 to Drive Summits

    Well maybe it's the Joey syndrome, but I broke down and ordered one today. My dealer says it is an amazing amp, one of the best he's heard. It should arrive in about 2 weeks and I'll post reactions to it at that time. In the interum, I'll have to figure out how to pay for it. As a...
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    New ARC amp

    Hi guys and gal(s) - Just got back from 2 1/2 weeks in Seattle and British Columbia. Not much in the way of audio that I saw up there. I did see earlier today on the ARC database website ( that the corporation is about to start shipping a smaller version of the REF 210. The new amp...
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    Tube War

    I strongly suggest that all ML owners who own (or wish to own someday) tubed equipment, read this week's Stereophile online ( The largest tube manufacturer in the world it seems, is located in Saratov, Russia. They manufacture Sovtek, TungSol, Electro Harmonic, etc., etc...
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    New Interview with Gayle and Review of Summits

    Latest issue of HI Fi + (a British magazine now owned by publishers of TAS) has an interview and review as descrbed above. I get an e-copy on the net. You can find one at Barnes and Noble, etc. When I finsih reading it, I'll have more to say.
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    Audio Research VT 100 mk III

    Manufacturer: Audio Research Corporation Model: VT 100 III MSRP: $6500 Average Used Price: $3400 - $3800 (note - I anticipate this to change because the amp has just been discontinued) Specs: 100 watts per channel (4 or 8 ohms at less than 1% THD) Amp Auditioned On: Sequel II, Ascent i, Summit...
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    Equipment Reviews

    Tom - Just an idea: how about a permanent thread for posting reviews of equipment. Perhaps we could have a database of posted reviews (our own) which could be used as a reference for those of us who might be interested in purchasing new components. The database might include ML speakers and...
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    Review the Reviewers

    Now that the Summit has been reviewed in several publications, which reviewers, or magazines do you trust for their opinions of products? Do you have a favorite reviewer who's views approximate yours? I subscribe to most of the available periodicals and find their reviewing to be a mixed...
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    Summit Review

    FYI There is an interesting and rather positive review of the Summits on the e-zine Also, next month's Absolute Sound promises a review of same.
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    Summits are finally here

    Just this minute heard from my dealer. He is in posession of them and they'll be shipped to me Saturday morning. I'll issue a complete report when they're up and running. BTW - Finally got to read the review of the Summits in HiFi News(British mag). Ken Kessler (ex-patriot American, BTW)...
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    Phono Cables and MartinLogans

    I've always found that MLs are sensitive to cable changes anywhere in the system. I've been using Harmonic Tech Silver Crystal phono cable (RCA to RCA) to connect between my tonearm (modified Graham 1.5t) and my phono preamp (Whest). I find this combination a bit too bright when I play lps...