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    Just another new member thread - couple of electrostats, etc

    u want a better picture get rid of ur light colored carpet u would be surprised how much light bounces off that light carpet when ur room is dark and u fire up the projector look and see how much ur carpet shows up it tends to fade out the picture a little bounces back on the screen do u see...
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    New ML Summit owner saying Hi.

    don’t get rid of ur valve amps yet live with what u changed to for awhile u might wish u had kept them! u made a change so yes it’s going to sound different but after awhile u might wish u had the valve amps back! second that keep the sun off those panels!
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    New ML Summit owner saying Hi.

    once u get ur summits all setup on how u want them be sure and check that both ur bass drivers are working. summits bass amps seem to go bad especially after a whole house power surge!
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    summits/protection/bass amps?

    can u u show me the one from amazon? thanks
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    summits/protection/bass amps?

    so what do i recommend ?
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    summits/protection/bass amps?

    can someone please come up with an inexpensive way to protect the summits bass amps im tired of them getting destroyed when there’s a storm that causes a surge/black out. i’ve had to send the amps back numerous times for repair luckily they have been able to repair them so far. Its not all of...
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    summits/avr receiver?

    are there any reasonable priced avr receivers that can drive the summit speaker with out to much trouble? i listen mostly to classical at moderate levels. wanting to down size. thank u
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    Double stack ML subs?

    before u ditch ur cj preamp try using the anthem first as a preamp for awhile i thought my surround processor was good also it was replacing myARC LS27. didnt take me long to realize that i was missing something not having myARC LS27. CJ is not a slouch it’s good stuff.
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    summit/13a’s stator spacing

    i was looking at a customers 13a’s in a photo (the stacked bf210 subs) on the web site and noticed how there were so much more clear stators compared to my summits! i’m sure there is a good reason why ml has done this but can anyone say why they did and what it helps with sound wise? thanks
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    System #700 (Renaissance ESL 15A)

    i’m sure it was a big upgrade! what do u like about them over ur summits which i still have and probably will till my dying days?
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    System #700 (Renaissance ESL 15A)

    i noticed in ur pictures that the 15a’s are perpendicular to the floor do they come that way or are they tilted back like summits?
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    summit speaker wire hookup?

    what is the best way to hook speaker wire to the summits? use the upper terminals or lower terminal? i noticed some of u used a hook up that involved using both upper and lower terminals. i don’t recall the name of it. i know there is a metal jumper between the upper and lower terminals which...
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    why am i getting some many advertisements on this forum sometimes it even goes over what im reading they pop up over all over the place?
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    summit crackling noise

    when i’m powering down my system my left speaker (summit) makes a crackling noise until it’s fully powered down. any ideas and is it something to worry about? thank u
  15. K

    Exact Differences between Summit & Summit X?

    Jonfo : thank u for that explanation on how the summits crossover works in controlling the bass signal going to the amps.
  16. K

    Summit ready

    How long does it take for the summits to come up to full power for music listening after being powered off for days? Thanks
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    When u have ur summits off for days then u plug them back in how long does it take them to come back to full power for playing music? Thank u