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  1. LaserMark4

    Need Advice for the Odyssey's Please. :) infected with the Joeyitus virus a few months back.
  2. LaserMark4

    Need Advice for the Odyssey's Please. :)

    Odyssey Migration Itch I've also agree that Odyssey seems to be a great sweet spot all around in the ML lineup. I've been contemplating an upgrade myself. Only problem is my HT room is only 13 X 18 with an 8' high ceiling at the present. Do you all think I would be overpowering and/or...
  3. LaserMark4

    HDNet appearance

    Me Too! Your garage definitely SHOULD be on a show like that-- I'm a big fan of Jeremy McGrath too-- will be fun to see.
  4. LaserMark4

    Random Picture and Video Thread

    Two Amazing Videos One AMAZING 11 year old singer: One pretty amazing juggler: Mark S.
  5. LaserMark4

    the Aeon i's arrived, I might just die soon

    Definitely scrounge! I remember the day I got my first ML's in and I went scrounging in the garage for anything to hook them up with. I was seriously desperate to listen to those babies NOW! I found a spool of 10 ga low voltage wire for the outdoor lighting system I was about to install in...
  6. LaserMark4

    So Has Anyone Heard "The Difference"- DTS-HD?

    I found this description off the DTS website: High Bit Rate Equals Accurate Sound DTS-HD can encode and decode audio at super high bit rates. In digital recording, the faster the transfer of digital information (data rate), the better the sound quality. DTS-HD has the ability to deliver very...
  7. LaserMark4

    System #179 (Summit, Theater, Descent)

    Yes, he definitely is a legend in the CRT business! I can only imagine the picture you have been enjoying. OK-- I guess you'll just have to settle with shaking the slab to the anchor bolts (and your dental fillings)!
  8. LaserMark4

    System #179 (Summit, Theater, Descent)

    VERY Nice System and HT! Very cool, Ken! Clean, clean, clean design. And you have some SERIOUS data storage there....I think you must have set a record! And the big dog 'da boot- G90! I didn't notice if you said how big your screen was? The StudioTek 130 is definitely the most image perfect...
  9. LaserMark4

    Famous Quotes ~ To Live By...

    It is high time that the ideal of success should be replaced by the ideal of service. --Albert Einstein Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. --Margaret Mead Mark S.
  10. LaserMark4

    Random Picture and Video Thread

    TOTALLY Amazing!!!!!!!!! Mark S.
  11. LaserMark4

    System #175 (Aeon i, Theater, Aerius i)

    Thanks for the kind words, Robin.... I am anxious to get my equipment all moved into the adjacent room and begin construction. I found a great rack cabinet to use, and here is a picture of it in place next to the HT room Here. It has front and rear doors and is deep enough for equipment to...
  12. LaserMark4

    Member Pics!

    Thanks for the nice compliments, Jeff--
  13. LaserMark4

    System #12 (reQuest, Aerius i, Theater i, Descent)

    Haven't you noticed that many of the visiting reactions is they get real quiet and don't say much--a bit overwhelming. I call it the "ML/HT Stun Factor"- :eek:
  14. LaserMark4

    System #12 (reQuest, Aerius i, Theater i, Descent)

    Super clean, perfect room balance, nice looking HT, Seth! I think ML should relaunch the Requests line....they have such a good combination of big width/proportion and bass. I bet your systems sounds sweet. That Sony 70" doesn't get any better that that either. How does the Theater mounted...
  15. LaserMark4

    Member Pics!

    Yup, you don't know that half of that-- "living in a continuous estrogen ocean" as Jeff Foxworthy says. How I wished I would have invested in stock with the leading 3 female ingredient companies- clothes, Kotex, and hair products (I would have had ML's a lot sooner). I came from a whole house...
  16. LaserMark4

    I got sucked in...

    Welcome Aboard Resistance IS futile-- you are now definitely assimilated into the fold! But looks like the Force was with you to steal a pair of Aeon's for $1K. As they say, once on the Logan'll never go back!
  17. LaserMark4

    System #175 (Aeon i, Theater, Aerius i)

    Absolute top of the line, bro! You Bad!
  18. LaserMark4

    Member Pics!

    Thought you all would appreciate viewing my 3 daughters a lot more than looking at some aging old 55 something. They are as special inside as they are on the outside! (Good thing my wife is Italian and they all look like her). Mark S.
  19. LaserMark4

    System #172 (Ascent i)

    Let's hear it for OverKill!! :rocker: VERY nice system, Bob-- Odyssey's, Arcam, Rotel-- all very nice!
  20. LaserMark4

    System #175 (Aeon i, Theater, Aerius i)

    More Answers on CRT Projectors James-- Here's probably the best site that will give you the full run down on all the various levels of CRTs, from the more basic 7" machines to the true 1080p 9" machines. Check it out here: Curt Palme CRT. This page will give you a best/worst ranking of almost...