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  1. J

    Toooobs for Vantage ???? !!

    Hi twitch54, Glad you had a chance to get a tour of the "barn." Both Mark Walker and Mark O'Brien were gracious hosts during my visit also. I have no doubt that you'll be happy with the 150's. Congrats! Jeff
  2. J

    Toooobs for Vantage ???? !!

    Have been using the Rogue M-150's with my Aerius i's for the past 3 years. Haven't heard the others, but the Rogues are noted for their great bass control. The power tubes are very easy to don't need a multimeter. Another advantage is that they have external switches for using them...
  3. J

    Vantage with McIntosh or Rouge

    nsgarch, My bad. Went to the wrong site when I googled "MAC MC275." On further investigation of the current MacIntosh site itself, the amp is designated as a Series IV, and even then, it's only a small blurb in the brochure. Looks like a nice amp, tho. Anyway, you're correct....I'm not up on...
  4. J

    Vantage with McIntosh or Rouge

    Ok, now that we contend that both our amps are quiet, back to Neils' original post. Checked out the specs on the MAC and see that it puts out 75 watts per stereo channel and 150 watts in mono. The Rogues put out 150 watts in Ultralinear mode and ~100 watts in Triode (according to Mark 2 Rogue)...
  5. J

    Vantage with McIntosh or Rouge

    Am not familiar with the Rogue 90, but the Monoblock M-150's that I've been using with my Aeruis i's for the past 3 years are dead silent. For a review, see:
  6. J

    Vantage with McIntosh or Rouge

    Am not familiar with the Mac nor Rogue's preamps, but the Monoblock M-150's that I've been using with my Aeruis i's for the past 3 years are dead silent.
  7. J

    Spikes for Aerius i's

    I ordered and received a set of ETC MINI spikes for my Aerius i's (didn't want to spend the $'s for the regular spikes). Anyway, when I opened the package, I was surprised to see how small they are. So my question is: Are they appropriate for use on the Aerius'? Is anyone here using them? I...
  8. J

    How satisfied are you with your Martin Logan system for 2ch listening?

    1. Jeff's System (jhorowitz128) as of 3/12/07 2. Speakers: Aerius i's (since 1997) w/ clear-spar panels purchased in '04 Amps: Rogue M-150 Monoblocks Preamp: Manley Shrimp Phono Stage: Cary PH-302 Step-up Device: DIY Cinemag CMQEE-3440A CD Player: Jolida JD-100A...
  9. J

    What is your Speaker/Amplifier combination?

    All-tube front end Am running my Aerius i's off a pair of Rogue M-150 monoblocks in the Triode setting (~100 watts). Since my room is on the smallish side (14'x17'x8') I have plenty of SPL's to spare. A few years ago I replaced the panels with the "Clear Spar" version.
  10. J

    Rogue Audio Preamp

    Am using Rogue M-150 monoblocks to drive my Aerius i's. Rogue makes great products and has world-class service.
  11. J

    Aerius back panel

    Popipipo, I happened to have installed new binding posts on my Aerius i's today. I, too, was concerned about getting the back panel off, so I e-mail Jim Power to see if there was a secret to getting them off. Here's what he wrote back: "Un-sticking a stuck Aerius back-plate Sometimes the...
  12. J

    Turn Tables ~ Around and Around We Go, Where We Stop Everyone Knows - At The Music...

    Teres 255 I've had it 1 week tomorrow. Am still playing with the set-up.
  13. J

    Tube amps for Summit!

    Coupla points here: 1. As "twitch54" stated, the Summits have their own amps to drive the woofers, but the tone of your post makes it seem that you may not be aware of this. 2. More generally, it's almost become an Urban Legend that good tube amps cannot deliver as deep and tight bass as SS...
  14. J

    Summit and tube amplifiers

    I'm not sure of the math either (inverse square law?), but with line source speakers, such as the ML's, the spl's do not drop that significantly. You can easily test this, even if you don't have an SPL meter. Listen to the Summits, let's say 10 feet away. Then walk up to the speaker and hold...
  15. J

    Summit and tube amplifiers

    Edwinr, Don't get hung up on how much money you should spend. The theory you mention is BS. The thing to look for is quality. Some will also say synergy, but to tell you the truth, I think that's mostly a lot of BS, too. There are loads of components that will work with one another. Obviously...
  16. J

    Summit and tube amplifiers

    It's generally agreed that virtually all the Martin Logans respond well to tube amplification. I own the Aerius i's which are less sensitive than the Summits and am driving them with the Rogue M-150 Monoblocks. These amps put out 150 watts in Ultralinear mode and ~100 watts in Triode mode...
  17. J

    Potential new cleaning tip.

    I agree here. Tried the Q-tip method with my old Aerius i panels (did only a few), and the "bubbles" are quite noticeable. Bought new panels a couple of years ago anyway, but would still like to know how to eliminate the dark spots.
  18. J

    Ultralinear or Triode?

    Yes, Spike...I find the same thing with my Rogues as you do with the Cary's. More "slam" with UL, deeper bass, and the highs can get kind of strident with symphonic violins. Triode is a bit smoother and a laid-back somewhat. The distortion factor that was previously mentioned is not an issue...
  19. J

    Ultralinear or Triode?

    This is a question for those of you who have a tube amp with the option of switching it to either Ultralinear or Triode modes, and have either Aerius i's or SL 3's. Which mode do you use? Can you hear the differences and, if so, what are they? I own the Rogue M-150 Monoblocks and want to see...
  20. J

    line of work

    After graduating college in '67, I taught English in the public school system for 6 years. Without going into the why's and wherefore's, for the next 30 or so years I was a retail manager of a large photography store, an insurance agent, a stockbroker, free-lance photographer, business...