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  1. raphant69

    Where has gone my turntable?!!!

    Hi everyone, I was cruising through the ML club and looking at the DIY section when I saw that the "DIY turntable" thread I started a few weeks ago has disappeared! Does anybody knows why this happened? Tom, did you push the wrong button?(LOL)
  2. raphant69

    DIY turntable

    Hi, I just wanted to bring my contribution to this new DIY forum (great idea Tom!) and telling a little more of my turntable than I did on my system’s page. I built this turntable in 2000 and it took me approximately 6 months of work during my free time. It was an old dream and I finally did...
  3. raphant69

    German stators

    Bonjour, I found it today on ebay. It seems that this german company is specialized in ESL fixing. The curious thing is that they only change the mylar in the old stator. This must be very difficult to do! Ebay/Dis Elektrostaten Regards.
  4. raphant69

    System #72 (Sequel II)

    Member name: Raphaël ALEXIS Location: Paris, France ML model: Sequel II Year purchased: 2002 Associated electronics: Teac VRDS T1 CD drive Wadia X32 Digimaster DAC (Frenchcurve model) Mark Levinson N°26 preamp (MC phono option) Mark Levinson N°23 power amp DIY turntable (with Ortofon MC15...
  5. raphant69

    Removing nextel?

    Hello everybody I'm a new user of this forum while i've been looking at the MLclub for two years now (which i think is really the best place for ML knowledge). I have a pair of sequel II's and i enjoy to listen to these beauties but the finishing of the box that is called "Nextel" has become...