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  1. Peter_Klim

    Technics 1200's and other DJ TT

    Thinking of getting a DJ turntable. 1200's are no longer made...well just this year they started making them again but with a list price of $4000! So there are a few other DJ TTs that DJs argue are up to par with the older 1200 series Technics. Thinking of...
  2. Peter_Klim

    ReQuest or Odyssey??

    Which specs in particular?
  3. Peter_Klim

    What happened five minutes after Gayle Martin Sanders and Ron Logan Sutherland

    "What happened five minutes after Gayle Martin Sanders and Ron Logan Sutherland played their prototype electrostatic panel for the first time?" I don't want to spend $129 + S&H to buy this book to find out, so I thought I'd ask here.
  4. Peter_Klim

    Should my tracking force already be set?

    My old cart 5.2 gram (Dynavector 17D3) recommended 1.8-2 grams tracking force, and my new 7.2 gram cart (Ortolan RED 2M) recommends 1.8 gram tracking force. So if my old cart was set up correctly, should just swapping out to the new one automatically be correctly set up? Just for a few...
  5. Peter_Klim

    WHY is a bigger panel better?

    Does your question include a bigger but older panel (say a model that came out over 12 years ago) sounding better to something current and smaller?
  6. Peter_Klim

    Free software for ripping CDs

    Thanks for the reply guys!
  7. Peter_Klim

    Free software for ripping CDs

    Any suggestions for what free software I can download so I can rip CDs to my hard drive? I'd like to use the highest quality file type. My media player can play the following: WAV containing uncompressed PCM 16-24 bit 32-96kHz FLAC containing losslessly compressed PCM 16-24 bit 32-96kHz...
  8. Peter_Klim

    How big is too big a room? Open Concept?

    My ReQuests are in my 16x16' living room. Thinking about removing the wall behind my listing position that will expose another 22' to the end of the house where the future exposed kitchen will be. Some things I do not like about this idea: Fridge noise and any noise from kitchen activities...
  9. Peter_Klim

    Upgrade from Stage to Stage X - is it worth it?

    Replace your Stage with an Electromotion. That would be a HUGE sonic improvement. As long as you plan to use it with a projector and audio transparent screen.
  10. Peter_Klim

    System #473 (Aerius)

    Am I the only one not being able to see any images of the system? :(
  11. Peter_Klim

    Trouble with SL3

    I'm pretty sure ML still produces SL3 panels.
  12. Peter_Klim

    New video for PBK (Perfect Bass Kit) from Martin Logan

    Well, the software connects to the sub, not the sub and one of many possible main speakers. Yeah, it could be designed to match, but if it does what it was designed to do, then I believe it's done the hardest part. All that's left is adjusting the frequency cutoff point and volume.
  13. Peter_Klim

    Does the ElectroMotion ESL work well as a center channel?

    Just 1. I asked this on the forum a while back and most said to use 1. I think Jon said using 2 would produce combing (I forget the exact term but I understand the concept).
  14. Peter_Klim

    Painting Woofer

    they still sound good to me so right now I have no plans to replace them. And right now still house hunting so I'll be putting money into making a theater room once I make the purchase. Thanks for the suggestion...some day though...
  15. Peter_Klim

    Does the ElectroMotion ESL work well as a center channel?

    JonFo uses a modified SL3 as a center, so you better believe it sounds better than a Stage X!! ;) I own the Stage and once I find a new home, I plan to use one of my SL3 that I'm using now for...
  16. Peter_Klim

    System #463 (Theos)

    It does look nice. Sweet and simple but awesome! Nice rug too!
  17. Peter_Klim

    Smart Car very versatile

    and you can put a six pack in the back!
  18. Peter_Klim

    Room size needed for ReQuest

    I'm feeling kind of down after fining out the house I was going to buy has so many issue discovered during the inspection. And since there are so few homes on the market now, maybe I could purchase a smaller one and either expand a room or add an addition. What would be the ideal size room for...
  19. Peter_Klim

    Will this sound good?

    ********NOT BUYING. HOUSE INSPECTION SHOWED TOO MANY ITEMS REQUIRING REPAIRS***** Thanks to everyone who replied. Off to do some more house hunting...
  20. Peter_Klim

    Shape of Ascent panels, and wrinkles

    Sorry to say, but that's not at all how they should be. Post pics.