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    summits/protection/bass amps?

    can someone please come up with an inexpensive way to protect the summits bass amps im tired of them getting destroyed when there’s a storm that causes a surge/black out. i’ve had to send the amps back numerous times for repair luckily they have been able to repair them so far. Its not all of...
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    summits/avr receiver?

    are there any reasonable priced avr receivers that can drive the summit speaker with out to much trouble? i listen mostly to classical at moderate levels. wanting to down size. thank u
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    summit/13a’s stator spacing

    i was looking at a customers 13a’s in a photo (the stacked bf210 subs) on the web site and noticed how there were so much more clear stators compared to my summits! i’m sure there is a good reason why ml has done this but can anyone say why they did and what it helps with sound wise? thanks
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    summit speaker wire hookup?

    what is the best way to hook speaker wire to the summits? use the upper terminals or lower terminal? i noticed some of u used a hook up that involved using both upper and lower terminals. i don’t recall the name of it. i know there is a metal jumper between the upper and lower terminals which...
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    why am i getting some many advertisements on this forum sometimes it even goes over what im reading they pop up over all over the place?
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    summit crackling noise

    when i’m powering down my system my left speaker (summit) makes a crackling noise until it’s fully powered down. any ideas and is it something to worry about? thank u
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    Summit ready

    How long does it take for the summits to come up to full power for music listening after being powered off for days? Thanks
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    When u have ur summits off for days then u plug them back in how long does it take them to come back to full power for playing music? Thank u
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    Summit making popping noise

    Noticed last night I was playing the summits louder than usual and noticed the left summit was making a low level popping noise, sounded almost like record pops and ticks. but at normal listening levels I didn’t notice any noise! any ideas on what it might be? I have been unplugging my summits...
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    FS: Vpi hw17f. Rcm

    For sale a never been used HW17F record cleaning machine 1,000 or obo, if interested email me at [email protected] I can send u pictures if u want. Thanks
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    Summit amp protection?

    Has any of u summit speaker owners come with a way to protect the summits bass amps from power surges? Thanks
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    Is anyone using depth subs along with there summits in 2Ch only? If so could u please tell me know how u have them hooked up. I’m using an audio research LS27 line stage. Thank u
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    Integrating subs to summits?

    What is the best way to hook up and intergrating my two depth subs with my summits for my two channel summit system? My system consists of a audio research LS27 line stage and prima Luna hp power amp? I sometimes use this system to watch movies I have a integra surround receiver that I use for...
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    Good sounding dvd/cd player

    I presently own a oppo bdp83 cd/dvd all in 1 player, I would like to up grade to a possible better sounding all in 1 player! Is there such a thing ? I heard the SE edition of the bdp83 was better but they are hard to find. Suggestions please
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    So far I have had to replaced every bass driver amp in my summits, first the front driver amp then the lower bass driver would go, same thing with the other summit. I’m talking months in between each bass amp! Can anyone tell me how I can prevent this from happening again? What can I use or...
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    Summit bass driver

    How can I check to see if the front bass driver is working in my summit? I get no sound out of it at all.
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    System balance

    What is the best way to check your systems balance? How do u determine whether or not if it’s ur speakers Or the preamp or the amplifier or CD player or possibly acoustics? I’ve been noticing it kind of favoring the right side. I have martin login summits and I would like to check the output...
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    Flashlight technique on summits

    I presently have summit speakers. As noted M/L recommends setting up there electrostatics with the flash light refelection being on the inner third of the the stat panel. Why is this? Has anyone tried having the speaker directly facing u with the light refelection directly right in the center...
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    Summit bass?

    Summit and Summit-x owners do u feel it is necessary to use sub woofers in order to fill out the bass duties of ur speakers? The summits specs say there good to 24hz plus or- 3db which I feel should be quite good. With no need for subs! This is for music only not movies!
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    Natural sounding

    Which martin Logan speaker do u feel is the most natural sounding and accurate from the most expensive to the least? my reason is I just don’t have the experience on knowing what a certain instrument should sound like. I went to a classical concert and my first question was were are all the...