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  1. J

    Spikes for Aerius i's

    I ordered and received a set of ETC MINI spikes for my Aerius i's (didn't want to spend the $'s for the regular spikes). Anyway, when I opened the package, I was surprised to see how small they are. So my question is: Are they appropriate for use on the Aerius'? Is anyone here using them? I...
  2. J

    Ultralinear or Triode?

    This is a question for those of you who have a tube amp with the option of switching it to either Ultralinear or Triode modes, and have either Aerius i's or SL 3's. Which mode do you use? Can you hear the differences and, if so, what are they? I own the Rogue M-150 Monoblocks and want to see...
  3. J

    PING: TomDac

    Hi, Couldn''t help but notice that the Aerius and Aerius i's are not included in the ML Timeline. :confused: Any reason why? Thanks, Jeff
  4. J

    System #08 (Aerius i)

    Member Name: Jeff Horowitz Location: Poughkeepsie, NY Model: Aerius i w/ Clear-Spar panels Purchase Date: 1997 Mods: I feel it's best to have the speakers de-coupled from my "springy" wooden floor. The spikes are placed on floor protectors on a carpet that covers the floor (see photo). Bass is...