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    Want killer sound from your iPod? Here it is...

    The squeezbox serves as the gateway between your computer and your "reference" 2 channel system. There are quite a few very respected forum members here who use this as their reference for playback. A quick education on lossless codecs i.e. FLAC, .shn, .ape opens up huge possibilities...
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    Want killer sound from your iPod? Here it is...

    Your absolutely right. M iPod is for bringing lossless music with me. The squeezebox takes care of me at home, and boy does it ever do a great job at that. I realize that this community supports these types of leading edge technologies; but for anyone outside of this forum I've tried to turn...
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    Fish tanks in ML room?

    As someone who has had mutltiple "reef" tanks, it will be fine. They tank residents seemed to like it;) .However, I currently have a Pioneer Elite RPTV that is as large as my largest tank that just *smears* my sound stage. It's kind of frustrating because it sounds soo good. For critical...
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    Subwoofer recommendation for Aeon i's

    Z, I'm in the same situation. I'm torn about the various solutions, and alas, I don't really have the option of auditioning many different subs. The ML subs score very high marks from many, but I know they are not the only name in low frequency...Velo, REL, Revel, and SVS seem to be names...
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    Internet Archive Project- Live Music d/l

    I can't say enough about the quality of the site. If your new to the site/seen, and love jazz/fusion, MUST download Garaj Mahal. They just flat out rip it. They sound fabulous through the ML's.
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    Descent with Summit's ?

    Do you have a sound level meter? That would be the easiest way to ensure that the levels are properly calibrated. Also, the most ideal spot to radiate bass energy is almost always corner placement; however, that might not be an option.
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    Is this thing real ?

    Personally, I prefer the desktop tanning solution. It would perfect for my powerbook as it gives me an instant tan at a moments notice :p
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    How computers work (humor)

    As crazy as that is, my curious nature can't help but ask,what are they making? :p . There sure is a bunch of whatever they're making!
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    Martins for Playing Live Music

    tubes rock! For me, I would prefer a tube amp and the right cone speakers. Much of what I aspire musically is really a result of the synergy between tubes and the right speakers. There is no question that tubes have a certain sonic signature that SS amps can't reproduce exactly. Oddly...
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    Someone has bit on my Vantages....

    "Man Speakers" I can't wait until I grow up. ;)
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    Statement e2 being discontinued... your thoughts

    Given the new corporate structure, one of two things may be going on. 1.) refine the product line to reflect the changes in the new esl panel i.e new statement being developed or 2.) eliminate the uber highend product to focus on volume deliveries. In this case volume is a realtive term. The...
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    New addition to the Family !! That's definitely an upgrade comensurate with the new Rotel, not the processed cheese dip ;)
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    New addition to the Family !!

    Hang in there Joey. Ramen makes a different noodle for each day of the week. ;) . At least you know that you will be bathed in a glorious wall of Class A sound :D
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    Martin Logan Video

    pretty sweet.
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    Any Apple Computer users out there?

    Macs are great...powerbook g4 +BT + ML = :D
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    da boom

    If you can, you should bypass your sub crossover when using the bass managment in the B&K. If you have the s2 version of the B&K, you get more than one notch filter. Trust me, I think you'll be surprised how much better you're bass experience will be. I know I am.
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    da boom

    For the most part, I've got a very simlar set up to yours - AVR507 and Aeons. I recently just retuned my system and one of the things I played with was the crossover. I believe your XO is set too low, in addition to room problems effecting the tightness of the bass. After playing around with...
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    What would you do?

    You know twitch, the thought did cross my mind to see what capacity the circuits are. It may be as simple as a 15 amp fuse. It's interesting in that my other front may be on another circuit because it sounds smoother. I have always thought that I was/am hearing early reflections from the...
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    What would you do?

    Last night I was listening to Frank Zappa's Halloween DVDA when I realized the TV was distracting me, so I decided to turn it off. Whoa, all of a sudden the musical stage became noticebly more precise. I had always felt I was getting this weird image smear that was a result of the glass...