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  1. MarkNewbie

    I did a VERY BAD thing!!

    This is a long read but you car lovers need to read it I think that many of you on here are like me. I tend to be just a bit eccentric in my outlook on life and perhaps this is what lead my to my love of the Martin Logan sound. I for one, do not believe in making “Treble or Bass” adjustments to...
  2. MarkNewbie

    For you analog lovers!

    You think they will let me home audition?
  3. MarkNewbie

    System #85 (Ascent i)

    Mark N. Indianapolis, IN Ascent i with Cherry trim Purchased New in 2005 Associated Electronics as follows Pass Labs X-350 Solid State Amp McIntosh C2200 Tube Pre-Amp Shanling SCD-T200 SACD Player w/ slight mod Bendix 6385 Red Banks for Shanling (tubes) PS Audio Power Director Arcici Air...
  4. MarkNewbie

    Looks like ML is going to have a new dealer in Indy

    Just spoke with my local Mac dealer and it appears that discussions with ML at CEDIA went well and he will be taking on their line in a month or so. The local dealer, Ovation is being dropped by ML. Ovation has stores in IN, KY, & OH. This is good news for me as now I will be able to home demo...
  5. MarkNewbie

    This is for Robin

    Robin, Wanted you to see this auction on audiogon. I have posted the link below. Also, I just purchased some Bendix 6385 Red Bank tubes for my Shanling. From everything I am reading, these are as hard to find as they get and they are supposed to blow away the WE's. The application was...
  6. MarkNewbie

    New to the club and looking for advice

    Hello, I just got off of the phone from ordering a new set of ML Ascent i's and then I joined this site. Did I need to wait for them to arrive first? <snicker> I am not going to be able to sleep for the next ten days! On to my question. I am looking for good speaker cables for under $1000.00...