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    The Grammys

    ... and Bieber didn't even get nominated for anything. Maybe sanity is returning...
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    From Ascent to Source?

    I'm a bit late to the discussion, but may have a unique perspective in that I own both Ascent I and Source speakers - the Ascent I are in my house and the Source in a smaller condo. I think the Source are amazingly good, particularly for the price, but they don't compete directly with the...
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    Maximum length limit on Speaker Cables?

    As to the balanced XLRs, if the cable isn't bad, they shouldn't pick up induced noise because their whole purpose is to reject common-mode noise. Are you sure it's truly a balanced signal and not just a normal ground-referenced input wired with XLR connectors? You might also try swapping the...
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    Yes Dave, it's time to raise the issue again

    Unfortunately, the news invariably gets it wrong when discussing gun types, sometimes to forward a political agenda, but often with the intention of scare-mongering and/or selling news aka advertising space. It's roughly equivalent to calling a Prius a pickup truck because they both have four...
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    Help - Integrated Suggestions for Vista 2 Channel Audio Only System

    I'm quite happy with the Musical Fidelity A5 Integrated I got a couple of years ago to drive my Ascent Is. It's a very high-current amp, so it handles the strange load characteristics of Logans, supports multiple stereo sources, has a HT bypass mode, and comes with a remote. I know you wanted...
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    Need help - Carver amp conversion from 220v to 110v

    The real answer is "it depends..." :) Sometimes the power stage is designed for both 110 and 220 markets, so it could be something as simple as moving a few wires, changing an internal jumper or switch, or pulling voltage off of a different tap on the power supply transformer. On the other hand...
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    New web site

    The subpages (products, etc.) work for me on Mac Safari 1.3.2 (which is ancient, circa 2005) running on a dual G5 PPC. The main page shows the outer decorations, but has a big hole in the middle, which is probably a Flash thing.
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    No More Vista

    FWIW, Amazon in the US shows two Vistas in maple/clear aluminum in stock as of July 6 22:18.
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    Neil Peart on Letterman Fri 6/10

    For U.S. readers, talk show host David Letterman has been running a series featuring drummers as his musical act for the night. Friday's drummer will be Neil Peart from Rush.
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    ML and DLP

    I used to have a DLP between Ascent is, no problems. There shouldn't be any problems in any case: ML panels are electrostatic; DLPs use a chip with an array of little mechanical mirrors to aim (or not) a light source at the rear of the projection screen. The mirror chip should not be susceptible...
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    Eletromotion Demo Questions

    It's my Southern accent...
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    Eletromotion Demo Questions

    This is a terminology problem. When people set up box speakers, they generally point them directly at the prime listening position. If you draw a line perpendicular from the plane of the speaker, it would intersect the prime listening spot. For MLs, you want to turn the speakers out relative to...
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    Eletromotion Demo Questions

    Absolutely. The center of the speakers should be shooting a bit wide of your prime seating position. The curve in the panels gives them a broader horizontal spread than other planar speakers. You'll still have roughly two thirds of the surface beaming in your general direction. (I misspoke...
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    Eletromotion Demo Questions

    If it's a Best Buy Magnolia store, they tend to be a bit better about the room that they put speakers in, but not like a boutique audio place. For ML electrostatics in general, you want them toe'd out so that roughly the inner half of the panel is aimed at you. The classic test for this is to...
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    What are your favorite rock song intros?

    Owner of a Lonely Heart - Yes Iron Man - Black Sabbath Eli's Coming - Three Dog Night Mama Told Me Not To Come - (same) Born to be Wild - Steppenwolf Magic Carpet Ride - (same) (yeah, I'm old as dirt) Fell on Black Days - Soundgarden Harder to Breath - Maroon 5
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    Electro-motion thread -they are comin'

    Steve Guttenberg, audio guy at cNet, gave them a decent write-up here. It wasn't a review per se, more of a "these are coming soon" announcement coupled with a general discussion of electrostatic speakers.
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    Amplifier for Ascent speakers

    A number of us power Ascents with a solid-state Musical Fidelity A5, or A5 Integrated amp. The A5 has very high current-handling capability, much like tubes, which is a signficant factor for controling the panels. The amp is often described as very "tube-like". I bought a used A5 Int on Audiogon...
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    5.1 setup with ML Source speakers

    I'd even go so far as to say skip the center for the time being until you can get something that you want. For "5".1, phantom centers work pretty well. The sub will make a bigger difference in the overall sound. If you're mainly interested in 5.1 for HT, I don't have a problem with cheaper...
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    5.1 setup with ML Source speakers

    re: sweet spot ML panels are a bit beamy, but it's also almost always the case that places like Magnolia have the speakers set up wrong. Unlike box speakers, you do not aim them at your sitting position. Their curved panel gives them some horizontal dispersion, so to cover more than one seating...
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    What not to do while texting....

    They looked closely into her background. She's now under felony charges for some previous history (Daily Mail, UK). This looks suspiciously like a set-up anyway. I can see bumping into the fountain, but not going over at the speed that she was walking. Also, no one would have known who she was...