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  1. SugarMedia

    iPhone and headphones- which ones to consider

    Happy New Year to all... If anyone out there owns an Apple iPhone, or has read about hi-fi headphones for the iPhone I would be interested in hearing your opinion on some good choices to consider. There are a very limited number of true 'high-fidelity' headphones which will actually fit into...
  2. SugarMedia

    My god this is a great commercial

    Extremely artful, yet visceral stuff. The line at the end reads, more or less: "Every 10 seconds, someone dies of AIDS in the world."
  3. SugarMedia

    great advice

    I was out with a film director tonight and we happened to get on the topic of hifi stereos & music. He said that when ever he listens to music from the 30, 40, 50 & 60's he first does a google search for images that relate to that time period so that he can better understand that era and gain a...
  4. SugarMedia

    Stupid campaign joke

    watch this one first: then this video to verify fake:
  5. SugarMedia

    For the guitar fans out there
  6. SugarMedia

    Meridian and iPod video

    Meridian is planning to release the Iris universal iPod Dock with a built-in HD video upscaler. Using Marvell's Qdeo digital processing engine the device will upscale iPod video to 1080p (HDMI) or 720p (component) as well as feature digital (optical) and analog audio. Considering that the iPod's...
  7. SugarMedia

    Yamaha- DVD-Audio/Video and Super Audio CD Does anyone have experience with this Yamaha player? It is sold at my local shop, and the dealer said it was a very good Universal player. I haven't had a chance to do an audition, but wanted to hear everyone's...
  8. SugarMedia

    DICE joins ranks of audiophile dock makers (re: iPod)

    DICE Electronics has announced an upcoming iPod dock, the iTPA-220. DICE's entry however is aimed at the luxury audiophile market, and as a result, its pre-amplifier system relies on two 6N3 vacuum tubes, which are said to produce a "warmer" sound than is possible with transistors. The speakers...
  9. SugarMedia

    Johnny Cash- Live from Austin Tx

    Artist: Johnny Cash Title: Live from AustinTx Year of Release: recorded Jan 3, 87 an excellent mix of Cash hits and covers, captured in very good audio and video. What really comes through is the relaxed attitude sitting on top of nearly infinite confidence and power. This is American music at...
  10. SugarMedia

    Siltech cabling

    Does anyone have any knowledge on these cables? These were recommeded to me based on my set-up, and I want to get some thoughts as I won't have much time for an audition. Thx. 1. Paris @ $689 for 3 meters, or for even better performance in EVERY area, 2. LS-68 @ $1620 for 3 meters
  11. SugarMedia

    Bad Album Covers[email protected] Anyone here, go by the name of "Daddy?" :D :D
  12. SugarMedia

    Take a look :D
  13. SugarMedia

    The Composer of "21st-Century Romanticism" Talks About His Music

    1. An Interview with M. Zachary Johnson by Robert W. Tracinski. Editor's Note: M. Zachary Johnson is a composer and musicologist in the New York City area whose articles on Camille Saint-Saëns, John Philip Sousa, Sergei Rachmaninoff, and other topics have appeared in TIA and in TIA Daily. On...
  14. SugarMedia

    'Rabbit ears' find new life in HDTV age

    Buying an antenna for a high-definition television seems as out of place as using a rotary phone to make a call. But some consumers are spending thousands of dollars on LCD or plasma TVs and hooking them up to $50 antennas that don't look much different from what grandpa had on top of his...
  15. SugarMedia

    Name that Transport.

    As good as my MF-A5 was, I was still disappointed with the cheap tray. So I am interested in learning about all of the CD Players out there which construct their own cd tray mechanism, rather than use the mass-marketed one which you find in 99% of cd players. If you have personal experience...
  16. SugarMedia

    Dynamic Range and Power Claims

    Interesting read. See the attached .pdf file. Souce: Musical Fidelity
  17. SugarMedia

    Audiophile recordings

    A good friend of mine sent me this link and said the whole catalog is excellent. Feel free to share your comments if you buy anything.
  18. SugarMedia

    iPod ~ iTube Valve Dock

    Saw this set up in the Apple store yesterday and thought it would make a nice piece for an office system.
  19. SugarMedia

    What is this? (aeon-i)

    A question from the guy who bought my speakers, so this relates specifically to Aeon'i speakers, (perhaps some other models). On the back of the stator panel there are three clear patches attached to it. The bottom & top are rectagular clear strips that are horizontally fixed to it. The middle...
  20. SugarMedia

    Friday is a sad, sad day for me.

    Well, I have decided it's time to move back to the US and plan on making the move by the end of this year. Not knowing how long it would take to sell my stereo and be able to receive a fair amount for it I decided to put it online a few days ago. 24 hours later it was sold... I honestly didn't...