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    FS ESL 11A gloss black 3 months old 7000$

    Looking to sell my 3 month old esl 11a in gloss black in like mint condition with packaging boxes and accessories like new. Really tried to enjoy these speakers after coming from 804d3 and McIntosh gear but I’m wanting to sell these and go back to the d3 yet again. Local pickup in austin TX, or...
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    Rotel RMB 1555 black 3 months old

    Looking to sell my 3 month old excellent condition Rotel rmb 1555 black 5 channel amplifier 120x5 into 8ohm and 240x5 into 4ohm which was bought from magnolia design center. I have moved to a 2 channel setup and currently using a anthem str integrated which is simple amazing, hence why I’m...
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    Looking at integrated amps for esl11a

    Just got my delivery of impressions esl 11a’s and having a difficult time finding a integrated amp that fits the bill. Volume wise I don’t listen to music and shows at a high level, probably around -20db or -10db so no where near reference. Off and on I’ve researched a bit about the Hegel h120...
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    Wanted BalancedForce 210

    Looking to try out a new sub.....currently own a supersub xxl and a dB2d. The supersub xxl is not to my liking and the db2d was a impulse purchase that I now won’t even plug in. I recently did a demo of a 212 and 210 and found them tighter than my db2d and a better match to me theos and even my...