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  1. socialxray

    PC Soundcards

    MIC input is definitely useful. My family may not see me for days if I had a mic input. One critical question though. Can you pass a DVD-A signal through the firewire cable?
  2. socialxray

    PC Soundcards

    Thanks for the response Hopeless. I really like the M-Audio solution. So this thing just hooks up to the Firewire port? I suppose there is software that you can use to assign channels?
  3. socialxray

    PC Soundcards

    Right. That is why I am considering a HT Omega Claro Plus+ sound card for my PC. It has the same DAC at the SlimDevices Transporter and it uses Analog Device's AD8620BR opamps for the front channels. I am no engineer but these seem to have good specs. What I am worried about is...
  4. socialxray

    PC Soundcards

    Yes but what about sound quality? Does anyone have any experience with sound cards? I am wondering if it is going to be worth it sound quality wise.
  5. socialxray

    PC Soundcards

    I am going to create a monster multi-media PC and I want to use it as a pre/pro! Yes, I want to use the analog output of the sound card and hook them directly to a multi-channel amplifier. I know some people will think this is sacrilege but after doing some research I have found sound cards...
  6. socialxray

    Powered subwoofers and biwiring...

    When you bi-wire you do not gain another 150 watts. You just feed the signal to a different point in the crossover. I doubt that you are losing anything but nothing is redirected to the panels either. Some manufactures even discourage bi-wiring since it is of dubious value. Of course it does...
  7. socialxray

    World's nastiest HT setup?

    the first set of pics is lovingly referred to as a "redneck flatscreen." What I love about the second set of pics is the high quality speaker stands.
  8. socialxray

    Casino Royale ~ Blue-Ray

    FYI: The car was an Austin Martin DBS.
  9. socialxray

    Lossless digital formats - FLAC vs WMA?

    A 10% savings seems kind of high. I was noticing about 1 to 1.5 MB per file but I never bothered to look any further. Still this can be very significant if you have thousands of songs in your library. From a technical standpoint there is no reason to choose one over the other unless you want...
  10. socialxray

    SACD and/or DVD-A with SB3 and TP?

    You can stream any file using the SB3/transporter but once it gets there you must pass the digital signal to a pre/pro that can decode the signal since the SB3/T does not support this format. This means that you would have to hook up to the i-link/denon-link/whatever to stream the digital...
  11. socialxray

    MS Vista & High-End Audio

    BTW, if things keep on going they way they are very soon we will have speakers that are DRM compliant. Soon almost every speaker will have some sort of DSP circuitry (subwoofers are a good example). Once these chips are in the speaker there will eventually be room for DRM processing. Think...
  12. socialxray

    MS Vista & High-End Audio

    Windows is a recognized monopoly. You'll be forced to upgrade sooner or later.
  13. socialxray

    Theoretical discussion of MLs and listening experience

    There are a lot of factors here but I would say that the room is the biggest one since the Magnolia room was twice as wide as your room. That probably cuts down on 1st order reflections. I think you should consider room treatments. Or maybe reposition your MLs for better imaging.
  14. socialxray

    Measurements on Summit!

    The reason why Martin Logan does not give measurements is because dipoles measure very poorly because of the nature of the dipole radiation. This of course does not correlate to how they sound.
  15. socialxray

    does anyone have this problem (see pic first)

    I would use cable wrap. You can get it at Radio Shack and Lowes. Just remember to keep power cables separate from cable that carry an audio signal to cut down on any potential. Optical cables are not effected by electrical interference so you can bunble them with power cords if necessary.
  16. socialxray

    Omnidirectional Speakers - What's cool

    Those planet speakers would be cool if the big global was painted like the Earth and the little one was painted like the Moon. Oh! And then mount an Enterprise, Galactica or Empiral Battle Crusier orbiting the Earth! That would be seriously cool.
  17. socialxray

    Clearly you must see humor in Hi-Def TV.

    Unfortunately this is a semi-regular occurance in my house when I show off new stuff to the wife and the sister-in-law. Unfortunately they aren't joking. And if there is a difference to them it isn't worth the price. They went berserk over my Denon DVD player because it costs over a hundred...
  18. socialxray

    Getting the Clarities--but what do I power them with?

    I have read in a review that the Pioneer has a high noise floor which means that at high volumes you may hear some hiss. Not really sure if this is true or not because I haven't heard it but I thought you should know. DSD is almost always converted to PCM. This is because it is easier to do...
  19. socialxray

    How Good is Your Sub ?

    Well DT, I'll be honest, it was the bang for the buck factor. I really hate to purchase things without hearing them first but there really aren't any audio dealers around here that I am willing to drive to. Fortunately the 45 day money back guarantee and SVSound's reputation helped make my...
  20. socialxray

    How Good is Your Sub ?

    Thanks Munster!!! This is so fortuitious. I am expecting the delivery of a pair of SVSound SB-12-Pluses today. This is going to be GREAT!~