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  1. DaVinci Media

    Inflation is here. Price increases our inevitable.

    Yes I do, and soon. Give me a call if you want to discuss. 414-975-5986
  2. DaVinci Media

    Inflation is here. Price increases our inevitable.

    I haven’t seen any shortages on the ML side except issues that they had with her new in wall and ceiling speakers. Everything else has been pretty good but just so you know this thread is a major hint to everyone…
  3. DaVinci Media

    Inflation is here. Price increases our inevitable.

    Inflation is here. Price increases are inevitable. If you’re serious about getting some new Martin Logans please let me know before prices go up. I’m seeing it from all of my manufactures it’s going to happen. As always I will give the forum members the best price I can. Thanks, Shawn DaVinci...
  4. DaVinci Media

    Another Vote for Shawn at DaVinci Media

    Len please make sure you post some photos of your system. I know I love to see them. And I think many people on the forum do as well.
  5. DaVinci Media

    Another Vote for Shawn at DaVinci Media

    It’s definitely not been a positive. LOL In-store business is pretty much nonexistent. I’ve been doing at home demos where I drop equipment off at peoples homes for demos. And there is some Internet business but I don’t really have a huge amount because most manufacturers don’t allow dealers to...
  6. DaVinci Media

    Another Vote for Shawn at DaVinci Media

    Thank you Len, I really appreciate it. Being a small business owner in this industry can definitely be a challenge sometimes. Having wonderful customers like yourself make it all worthwhile though. It’s always so rewarding to share the passion for experiencing great sound and vision with others...
  7. DaVinci Media

    ML Center Theater - Mod or upgrade

    Sorry all three trade-ins are gone. I have a gloss black pair of 15a demos though at the moment.
  8. DaVinci Media

    Mr. Renaissance is in the House!

    I hope you can enjoy those soon George. Also , I definitely appreciate the good word. As a sole proprietor of a small business everyone heres support really matters more than I can ever say. Everyone’s support is so greatly appreciated, Thank you all again, Shawn
  9. DaVinci Media

    Suncoast Audiophile Society hosting a Zoom conversation with Gayle Sanders/Eikon Audio

    The distance and phase calculations are coming, no timeframe that I know of, but they definitely are coming.
  10. DaVinci Media

    Move from Ascent I's to 13A's.

    Where are you located? I can try to help you get an audition. And when you’re ready to buy I can get you the Martin Logan owners group price!
  11. DaVinci Media

    New Anthem processors and receivers debut!

    Hello everyone. Does anyone have any questions about the new anthem MRXs AVMs and ARC that you’d like me to ask Anthem? Tomorrow I have a 2hour training with anthem about the new receivers processors and the latest update to arc. It starts at 11 so if you think of anything just let me know in...
  12. DaVinci Media

    Prodigy Panel replacement....

    As mentioned earlier I can get you somewhat of a discount. Can call or text me at 830-Da Vinci. 830-328-4624
  13. DaVinci Media

    Trade ins available, Summit X, Expression 13a and Stage X

    We have multiple items just traded in. Pair of Summit X in dark cherry, Expression 13a's dark cherry and Stage X in black ash. All excellent condition. Please contact us for more information.
  14. DaVinci Media

    CLX going the way of the dodo

    Just wanted to let everyone know that the last pair of new CLXs was purchased congratulations Dan!
  15. DaVinci Media

    New Member (Hopefully!) with Sistine 4XC

    Hi Luca just wanted to check in and see if you had any other questions. Thanks, Shawn
  16. DaVinci Media

    Last day 25% off motion plus you know Da Vinci Media gives members a little extra ;)

    Give us a call text email. 830-DAVINCI 8302-328-4624
  17. DaVinci Media

    New Member (Hopefully!) with Sistine 4XC

    Here are a couple photos though
  18. DaVinci Media

    New Member (Hopefully!) with Sistine 4XC

    If you want to send me your email I can send you a video that I took of the speaker I think it does a lot more justice than photos.
  19. DaVinci Media

    New Member (Hopefully!) with Sistine 4XC

    Hey Luca, I have used these as the Atmos speakers in a 7.4.2 system. The front three speakers were electostats the rest were motion series. The entire system matched up sonically very well. I actually have a pair here that I can pull out and take some pictures if you’d like to get a better idea...