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    Headphones ..........

    I liked my Stax SR404 and SRM-t006II for years. Last year I bought a pair of Perun Rocks and a Mjölnir Audio KGSS Klassik. Wow that combo is the best headphone experience I've ever had.
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    Need Help Deciding (ESL9 / 11A / 13A)

    Absolutely true. You have to place your main speakers for imaging and clarity, but that my not be optimal for bass. Sub placement is what creates great bass and 4 small well placed subs will blow away one Balanced Force 212 in most rooms. See...
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    Sacrilegious question re sub re CLX!

    212 is really big. But I guess if you have the space. I have a pair of 210s in the front and a Dynamo 1500 in the rear. Works great and smooths things out before ARC to have 3 subs. Just my 2 cents.
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    Pass Labs XP-22 Preamp In The House

    I have the XP-32, it replaced an Audio Research Reference 2 MkII. The Pass offers more detail and smoothness without giving up much of the tube warmth. My power amps are the PS Audio BHK monos. That front end is probably overkill for my ESL-11As. I have been considering ESL-15a, CLX or Soundlabs...