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    VH1 Classic: Metal Mania-Stripped: Volume 3

    Tommy Shaw and Jack Blades also recorded an acoustic cd together of all cover songs that is fantastic. The album is titled Influence. They cover Your Move by Yes, Dirty Work by Steely Dan, For What it's Worth by CSNY, I am a Rock by Paul Simon, and more. I would highly recommend it.
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    Al Di Meola - Elegant Gypsy & More Live

    Artist: Al Di Meola Recording: Elegant Gypsy & More Year: 2020 From The Jazz Word: 40 years ago, Di Meola released his second studio album entitled, Elegant Gypsy. Now the guitar master is releasing Elegant Gypsy & More LIVE, a brilliant collection of songs recorded last year during his US...
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    Al Di Meola - Morocco fantasia

    Artist: Al Di Meola Morocco Fantasia Live With Special guests Recording: 2009 I was surprised I didn't see Al Di Meola on here more. He is simply one of the best guitar players alive. This is a live performance with his World Sinfonia band. Morrocco Fantasia Live is my favorite acoustic CD by...
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    Tommy Shaw & The Contemporary Youth Orchestra (CYO)

    Artist: Tommy Shaw CD: Tommy Shaw & The Contemporary youth Orchestra - Sing For The Day Year: 2016 This is Tommy Shaw (of Styx) and Will Evankovich playing acoustic guitars backed by an orchestra of 100+ 12 - 18 year olds. CYO is an award winning youth orchestra known for performances with...
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    New Impression 11A's

    Installation is finally complete: Samsung Q70 85" TV, Parasound 21+power amp, Yamaha RXA 1080 receiver, Innuos Zen music server, Martin Logan ESL center speaker, Martin Logan 11A's, ML Dynamo 400 sub, ML Motion EMR in ceiling for the rears, and ML EM-IW's in wall at the sides. Very satisfied
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    New Impression 11A's

    I can understand bigger amp for the 9's, but the 11'a have dual 275-watt class D amps in them. Why would I need an a Parasound 21 (300 watts) instead of the Parasound 23a+ (160 watts)?
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    New Impression 11A's

    They will be at the back of the long wall where the small window is.
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    New Impression 11A's

    Floor plan and picture is attached.
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    New Impression 11A's

    I am about to say yes to a pair of Impression 11A's. My salesman is recommending I power them with a Parasound A23+ power amp along with a Yamaha RXA 1080 receiver. Any thouights? My room is 15' X 28'.
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    New Owner Here

    I am about to give the thumbs up on a pair of Impression 11A. My salesman is recommending I power them with a Parasound A23+ power amp and a Yamaha RXA 1080 receiver. Any thoughts?