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  1. Brad225

    New member from Costa Rica.

    Russell has a very good reputation. I don’t think he would be unhappy if you go this route.
  2. Brad225

    can any home receiver power martin logan electrostatic speakers like source

    Roberto is this friends or family? I just ran across the thread. You want to stay on the good side of that horse.
  3. Brad225

    New member from Costa Rica.

    It's a small world. Funny to hear Roberto was already involved from the beginning.:)
  4. Brad225

    New member from Costa Rica.

    Welcome Javo. I would suggest looking up long time, highly respected member here Roberto. He will be a wealth of knowledge for you. He is a dealer in Costa Rica.
  5. Brad225

    Covering a 15a panel with a pillow case

    Do you or someone you know have a sewing machine? Turn them inside out and sew them end to end for length. After that sew them to width and you are finished. If no sewing machine access pin them the size you want and take them to a dry cleaner. Most of the do alterations. I would think it...
  6. Brad225

    panels: SL3 vs Summit

    Having owned SL3s a number of years ago my approach would be this. I had heard Summits quite a few times at club members homes while I owned the SL3. For me, there is no doubt the Summit is a better speaker. If you should ever need replacement panels they would be a newer generation.
  7. Brad225

    How much meat can you eat?

    1,000,000 Won = $892 USD
  8. Brad225

    Renaissance ESL 15 (and friends)!

    I am guessing let Jonathan‘s comment was genuine. Your cables coming through the wall are all nice and neat.
  9. Brad225

    CLS Wood Stands

    Welcome dastro If you click on my signature it will take you to pictures in different places of my threads with wood and aluminum tubing stands I built. You will also find a thread on building new frames that raised up the panel to a height that you would listen to the center of the panel...
  10. Brad225

    Old SL3 question

    Welcome tlukeflynn, Thee is some value in the parts though some of them are on the aged side. List them for sale and see what happens is about all you can do.
  11. Brad225

    Renaissance ESL 15 (and friends)!

    Nice looking system DBH. I had never seen this thread.
  12. Brad225

    Mr. Renaissance is in the House!

    You will know because things will improve and then you will have that moment where are you go WHOA that sounds amazing.
  13. Brad225

    Mr. Renaissance is in the House!

    Congratulation George. I'm sure you will bring out the best in them. Shawn is great to work with. I met him when I demoed the CLX in Milwaukee area at Mike's home. Then listened to the 15A in his showroom.
  14. Brad225

    My new Prodigy panels are on the way in the mail!

    Member here SleepySurf had Summits and found that one of the woofers was wired out of phase. Until he figured it out, it caused much annoyance trying to dial them in.
  15. Brad225

    New CLS II panels playing nice!

    At 30+ hours what Joh said is correct they will open up amazingly. Have fun.
  16. Brad225

    My new Prodigy panels are on the way in the mail!

    I still own early Aragon for HT front L&R and more rescent Marantz.I am quite sure the Aragon will sound better. are use them with my SL 3’s and with Spica TC 50s for quite a while.
  17. Brad225

    Expression 13A's --Music Room

    Great room PP. I'm sure it is a pleasure to listen to music in it. What ever direction you choose to go with subs they will elevate the sound you have.
  18. Brad225

    DC Blocker

    I would not suggest anyone that doesn't know exactly what they are doing attempt something like this. Agreed, electricity can be extremely dangerous. If my friend was not an experienced knowledgeable EE I would not be putting these in my home. They do work amazingly well though, I have no...
  19. Brad225

    DC Blocker

    spkrdctr, I think he called them snubbers and it eliminates a high frequency dip that causes the distortion. On a different subject he took my network switch and piggybacked glass capacitors on them to eliminate oscillation that happens with a gigabyte signal. It definitely made the sound a...
  20. Brad225

    DC Blocker

    This is the schematic of the 10 amp DC blocker my friend built for my front end equipment. Hopefully it means something to you all but it really doesn't to me.