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    Suncoast Audiophile Society hosting a Zoom meeting this Sunday with Muraudio

    I sure would like to give them a try as the 120 degree dispersion vs 30 degree dispersion 'should' help me in my room. I'm currently thinking about rearranging furniture and going to a single listening seat, but I'm afraid that might send an 'unintended' message to my lovely wife. The wider...
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    Suncoast Audiophile Society hosting a Zoom meeting this Sunday with Muraudio

    This was time very well spent! To be honest, I had never even heard of Muraudio, but after listening to his presentation and checking out some of their reviews, I absolutely would have considered their SP-1's as from what I've heard/read, they actually would been a better fit for my room than my...
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    OLED TV image burn in, mine has it now

    Good to see another F1 fan out here! Although, while I still watch F1, I'm now more of an IMSA and WEC fan... (y)
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    Covering a 15a panel with a pillow case

    Hmmm.... I only received a single cover for each of my 15a's. Maybe that is because I bought them during the sale last year! If so, I guess I'm happy to give up a speaker cover to save $5K!!! :ROFLMAO:
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    Replace or Re-panel Script i

    What do members do with their old panels? Seems hard to believe that my 15 yo Script i panels just have to end up in a landfill. Any ideas?
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    Replace or Re-panel Script i

    Ron told me that this never happens... NEVER!!! Guess they were destined for my AV room... (y)
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    Goodbye Harmony Universal Remotes

    Logitech Has Discontinued It's Harmony Remotes
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    Replace or Re-panel Script i

    How's this for service... ML acknowledged my order this morning so I put a note on my calendar four months down the road to check with them if I had not heard anything. A few hours later, I hear from Ron who tells me that they built a pair of Script i panels last week for someone else who...
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    System #79 (Revel Studio II's , previous Spire)

    I second that!
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    ML Center Theater - Mod or upgrade

    I thought it was the exact opposite! I've never had a spade loosen up... of course I do crank them down... :unsure:
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    How much meat can you eat?

    While not a meat eating event, I won a charity pancake eating contest in college. I downed 37 full, plate size pancakes in an hour (doesn't seem like anything compared to these days :oops: ). All my competitors barfed, but not me. Instead, I hit the bars that night for style points, and drank...
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    Replace or Re-panel Script i

    Well, I decided to go ahead and just ordered a set of replacement panels. It seems like a relatively small price to pay to have new panels front, center, and now... rear. Couldn't really justify spending 3.5X the replacement panel cost for a new pair of new EFX, plus having to pay the Governor...
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    Renaissance ESL 15 (and friends)!

    Yes, I agree! I was just saying that I don't have any real choices other than to go thru the wall. They just seem to stick out to me, while I look at other systems up here and some of the them look almost like magazine shots with no wires showing anywhere! I found a way to hide many of them...
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    Renaissance ESL 15 (and friends)!

    Thx! Not sure about the 'cable management' comment, but I'm doing the best I can. :) I'm on a concrete slab so punching holes thru the drywall seems to be my only option... Very helpful and I had no idea this was even possible! As for my walls, yes, they are almost completely covered. I've got...
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    Replace or Re-panel Script i

    I don't think that they have been exposed to anything other than normal household dust. Probably the worst would have been when we remodeled our kitchen/breakfast nook and moved a couple walls, but all my ML's were unplugged and bagged so it shouldn't have been an issue. It just 'seems' that...
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    Replace or Re-panel Script i

    Since I've upgraded the front side of my ML system (ESL 15, Illusion), I'm wondering about the rear side which is currently running Script i speakers. As far as I know there are no issues, other than they were installed in 2006 so the panels are starting to age. The way I see it, I could...
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    Renaissance ESL 15 (and friends)!

    A couple others have commented about the lack of acoustic treatments since I posted my original photos. While I still don't have any acoustic panels, I guess the first thing I need to do is to update my system photos. Couple things on that... first, I have replaced my Stage center channel with...
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    Speaker set up class

    That's excellent news! I'm still fussing around with the positioning of my 15's in my 'uncooperative' room. Since I think I've done just about everything I can (short of room treatment), I finally decided to start learning REW, and bought a mike from the guys at miniDSP. Arrives tomorrow so soon...
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    Renaissance ESL 15 (and friends)!

    Actually, my old center was a Stage, but yes, the Illusion is a big improvement. With twice the panel size, twice the woofers, frequency response being 24 dB lower, and weighing nearly three times as much, it's a completely different speaker. I remember when ML brought the Illusion out, my first...
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    Renaissance ESL 15 (and friends)!

    Thx Brad! Means a lot coming from someone who built your totally amazing rig!!! These photos were taken before I brought my Illusion center in, and I had not yet installed my stereo subs. Unfortunately, and like many, my challenge remains my room...