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    System with EM ESL

    I had Primare A30.1 mk ii paired with Clarity with really good result. Upgraded to Micromega M100 and EM ESL. Both piece has really good synergy and if you have chance, you should audition M100. I know another person in Italy shares same combo too.
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    Gunk on Summit panels

    When I got my used EM ESL and washed throughly, the brownish residues remain on the film, it doesn't cover the entire film, kinda spotty like yours. I took a small zip tie and bend the front tip and tried to get between the stator and film scrap off the residues as much as I can. Then just...
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    Streaming music, how do I start?

    If your receiver has optical in. You can look for a used Apple Airport Express, Then a mini optical (or an adapter) to regular optical cable. Using Airplay stream and control everything from your iPhone
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    Panel powered by battery

    If you look at the website, the bookshelf is offered with battery option. http://www.kingsaudio.com.hk/?princess-iii,199 I don't think it would be that difficult to find a 15v out power bank or to make one, just wondering if someone has experimented. And what type of benefit can be had...
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    https://www.amazon.com/Tangxi-Speaker-Shockproof-Combined-Subwoofer/dp/B07VQNVWWP/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=speaker+spike+outrigger&qid=1611910341&sr=8-1 or https://soundocity.com
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    New Member...and already a dilemma :)

    If you just want to get new panel and be done with it, contact Shawn at DaVinchi, he should able to get a discount. I would say ML customer service is not the best in the biz, but far from the worst.
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    New Member...and already a dilemma :)

    PNW sometimes have really great deal on used ML, not too long ago I saw pair of Ethos for around 2200 on Facebook market. Legacy models are good, but regardless of how well maintained, it's due for new panel. SL3 panel will be close to EM ESL panel price if I'm not mistaking. Also talk to...
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    Panel powered by battery

    Has anyone here tried power panels by portable power bank or other type of battery? Idea was inspired by King's Audio HK, they have a mini stat hybrid bookshelf with battery add-on as an option. Not sure base on ML's design will present any beneficial to the sound, What's your opinion?
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    Problem with martin logan odyssey

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    Problem with martin logan odyssey

    Might take few days, but Martin Logan will for sure send you the instruction, I only have instruction for EM ESL.
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    Problem with martin logan odyssey

    Swap the panel see if the problem follows, if it does, then most likely the panel has gone bad. 1. Unplug speaker from power overnight make sure it's fully discharged, then vacuum thoroughly. If that don't fix it, take the panel give a good shower. If that still don't work, then time to buy new...
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    Power Supplies On ML ESL

    For EM ESL, S Booster might be overkill? How about anyone tried iFi iPower X?
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    Sequel II or Sl3

    SL3 has much better bass integration, just change the panel you be good to go.
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    New member from The Netherlands

    Martin Logan starter pack: Use the flash light per Martin Logan toe-in instruction, give some room away from the back wall, rake your speaker angle to perpendicular with floor, let it burn in for a bit.
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    New member introduction, looking for the right amp.

    EM ESL is quite easy to drive, most of mid priced modern integrated amp will be more than enough. I have Micromega M100 and it drove EM ESL and Clarity very well. I'm sure Hegel will be a good amp for the EM ESL.
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    Interesting eBay ad (not mine)

    Contact DaVinci, they are able to get some discount from ML for replacement panels.
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    Do replacement panels age?

    Does anyone here know replacement panel for legacy models is Gen 2 or Xstat?
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    Aerius-i questions

    Audition them at home if you can, I believe few online retailers allow return. I also have IsoAcoustics Orea puck under my Micromega M100 integrated amp, however the improvement is not as noticeable.
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    Aerius-i questions

    IsoAcoustics GAIA is worth the money, I've tried them on Clarity, EM-ESL and now GoldenEar Triton, not sure what kind of voodoo magic they do, improvement is very noticeable.
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    CLX going the way of the dodo

    Possible to PM discount on replacement panel, Aerius and Clarity. Thanks in advance.