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    ML Theater I sparepart list?

    Hello My Theater I has now faced shipping damage, and I need to find the tweeter array parts. Does anyone know of a sparepart list for the Theater i? Anyone know the price tag of the parts, and availability. I have ofcause contacted the local importer, but still await reply. :-(
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    PSU for Theater i (aftermarket)

    Hello I am trying to source a PSU for a ML Theater i center speaker. I asked the local importer and got this figure 305,70$!! Crazy figure for that simple a powersupply. Can someone guide me into the powersupply detail: voltage, power, conector size, polarity of connector etc. Link to an...
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    Cinema tin can sound

    Hi all Yesterday my Cinema started sounding like it played into a tin can. It sounds like it is only in some parts of the sound register. I have tried to sweep it with some test sound but could'nt really reproduce what I hear when playing real movie/music material. I have unplugged the power...
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    Prodigy blowing noise below 50hz

    Any one had this problems. Sounds like something is leaking in the woofer cabinets.
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    Prodigy wake up problem

    Hello fellow ML owners I have a "problem" that i need to turn the volume up quite high to make the Prodigy's wake up. I suspect some faulty components in the HT circuitry (some dryed out caps maybe). Can any one assist me with some schematics and other Info? I would also like to explore an...
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    A Dane and his ML's

    Hi all! I have been the owner of ML's for about 6 years now. I started out with the Ascent I, then a pair of Script I and a Cinema. This Monday I changed my Ascent's to a pair of Prodigy's, and I loved them! Unfortunately they only played well for 2 days, and now I have some low output from...