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    Home Theater vs 2-Channel Music

    As I continue to step further into the audiophile pond, I'm starting to ask myself, "Do I need two dedicated systems: one for home theater, and one for 2-channel music, OR, is there one system / setup that can work well for both? And if there is a "happy medium" system, what should I be...
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    Cables (oh no, not THIS topic!)

    Not meaning to create a firestorm here, or, go over old territory. Please direct me to the appropriate thread if this has been covered, ad nauseam. 1) What cables are you using to connect your MLs to your amp / AVR? 2) Did you "upgrade" your speaker cables to more expensive ones (unobtanium...
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    My gateway drug to an expensive habit / hobby.

    This all began after college when I got a Yamaha receiver, Denon turntable and two large Boston Acoustics speakers. I thought I was doing something. Fast forward a few decades and here I am with audiophile attempt 2.0. Marantz SR7013 AVR Emotiva Gen 3 XPA 3-channel amp (L/R/C) ML ESL L/R ML...
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    Glad to know there's (and now be a part of) a forum for ML owners! I've been in love with ML's since I first heard them back in Lawrence, KS many years ago. I'm now the proud owner of a ML home theater setup. I love the sound (and the look) and I look forward to upgrading in the years to come...