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    Sl3 bass resonance

    Hi guys, I have already changed my new panels from the sequel II to my recently purchased sl3. The sound of the new panels is now brighter, I don't know if it will be due to the high voltage supply or the filter of the sl3, I suppose I will have to get used to it. One thing that I don't quite...
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    Sequel II or Sl3

    Hi guys, I have a Sequel II with new panels and I have purchased a Sl3 in perfect condition but its panels have not been changed. My intention is to pass all the best of the two to one, the question is which, do I pass panels to Sl3 or filters and power to Sequel? Which woofer is better? I...
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    sound garish

    Does anyone know if the thousand of the panels are heat shrinkable? I showered them and when I dried them with the hair dryer, I don't know if I overpowered the heat, now they sound garish. Thanks
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    Cold solder paste?

    What do you think about using cold solder paste to improve the connection of the red wire with the panel as well as reinforce the conduction of the high voltage on the graphite or copper tape? I'm talking about a Sl3 panel. thanks
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    which are the newest panels?

    I have a sequel II with the plastic crossbars of the transparent color panel and a sl3 with the black crossbars, which are the newest panels?
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    panel trim sequel II

    Hi, I have sequel II, the two panels were switched at the same time a few years ago, but now there is one that sounds brighter than the other, I have changed the circuits but the problem continues on the same screen so I suppose I have a panel with worse performance than the other, is there...