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    Sl3 bass resonance

    That looks great!
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    Sl3 bass resonance

    That is a HUGE fall off around 20 db. Something is wrong with your speakers. It would appear you are getting a very bass heavy response with almost no mids and highs (1K on up) at all. I would seriously look at the panels performance.
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    Anyone with experience with 15As & Cardas Clear cables?

    Bob, Something is wrong with your pre-amp, amp or speakers. No way should you be running that kind of power getting low volume. Something needs to be repaired. You will have to do some troubleshooting. I can help you if you need it. My first advice is to hook up any other speaker you have...
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    Home Theater vs 2-Channel Music

    I was a bodyguard with another guy..It was the best job in the world. All of the fun with none of the performance responsibilities. I should have done it for 10 years instead of the one year. But, I had some personal problems come up that didn't allow me to continue. I was interested in the...
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    Home Theater vs 2-Channel Music

    BDH55, you brought back some old, old memories. I toured one year with Dire Straits in the US. I had a very good time and learned a lot. That was back in about 1980 or so. 40 years ago!! Man, I'm getting old.........
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    Cables (oh no, not THIS topic!)

    That is so true! Also, if you are not going to learn how things work scientifically then you are wasting your time. If you have no science knowledge at all, how will you know if your being lied to by shady manufacturers. You do not need to be an expert, just have the basics. Many people on this...
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    New member introduction.

    You are in the right place! Lots of good people on this forum.
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    Theos & Disappointing Bass Response

    It is really apple vs oranges to do a non-servo sub vs a servo sub. I think the Dynamo 1000 is not a servo? I'm not sure. I know the REL's are. The servos bring cone accuracy to another level that a non-servo sealed sub can't match. That cone accuracy (quickness) of the servo will really show...
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    Home Theater vs 2-Channel Music

    Audioholics has a review that they just put up on the Marantz 8015. They love it. They state it has plenty of power for most situations but if you need more, a simple 2 channel amp for your left and right will allow the Marantz to really kick out the power to all the other speakers. Of course...
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    Welcome! You have just jumped into the deep end of the pool. Luckily we have some REW users who can answer all your questions. Sadly, it is not me!
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    Cables (oh no, not THIS topic!)

    The video is the truth. You can NEVER do an A/B comparison on any decent quality equipment except for speakers. To defeat your ear/brain connection, the difference for an A/B comparison has to be HUGE. With speakers it can easily be huge. If it isn't around an 8db difference or more in change...
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    Cables (oh no, not THIS topic!)

    Absolutely! You should NOT just switch back and forth. Run the tests without changing them and then changing them. Mix it all up for the ten times. Man, I appreciate you guys chiming in with what I didn't say. I appreciate it.
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    Cables (oh no, not THIS topic!)

    You are correct! I do make mistakes around here. I think everyone knows that........... I have a reputation!
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    Cables (oh no, not THIS topic!)

    Sounds good! I would add that your wife NOT know in any way which cable or wire she is listening too. You have to be sure not to give off any tells or anything that might give her an idea of which one she is listening too. Try the switch about 10 times and see how many times she nails it. Give...
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    Theos & Disappointing Bass Response

    I can easily recommend the ML Dynamo 1600 sub. Not all that expensive and in Audioholics testing the Dynamos have fantastic performance for the price. They are in the best subs of 2020 list.
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    Minimal Output from ML Source panels

    That is a simple microprocessor reset. It DOES NOT MEAN YOU NEED AN AMP. It happens all the time. They just mess up and a reset fixes them. Nothing wrong regarding power output of the unit. If the unit shut down while listening to it or cycled on and off then yes, that would mean the amp is...
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    Martin Logan Ascent Panel or Power Issue

    Wow, that is a VERY trough one to troubleshoot. Bumping it and having it come back on tells me that since all your wires are connected firmly you might have a bad solder joint on a pin somewhere. I'm assuming that there are miniature surface mount devices on the circuit board and that is tricky...
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    Looking at subwoofer brands other than ML

    TTocs, I agree with you 100%. Putting two big Masterpiece 15's in a 10X10 room is nuts. Put them in a much bigger room and they will sing! Switching to subs the thing about big subs is you can turn them down even if they are oversized. The subs that are all servo controlled are really the whiz...
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    Cables (oh no, not THIS topic!)

    Twich54, everyone knows that music sounds better with more alcohol. In the shooting world it is known as group tightener! I can't drink anymore due to my health but if I did, my system would sound a LOT better.......:)
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    Obsessive hobbies....

    I salute your talents sir!