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  1. Peter Ward

    Failure mode of Ascent panels?

    I'd like to ask a quick question about panel failure. My Ascents are now 23 years old according to the serial number checker and I'm pretty sure one of the panels is slowly failing - it's gone quieter than the other one. So my question is, when a panel fails does it fail open circuit or closed...
  2. Peter Ward

    One Ascent gone quieter. Anyone heard of this before?

    Over the last few weeks one of my Ascents has dropped in volume. I don't know the amount but I would say the image has moved to 2/3-1/3. I've done sweeps on the speakers and there's no difference in sound output between the panel and woofer so I don't think it's the panel. Has anyone ever heard...
  3. Peter Ward

    System #499 (Ascent)

    1. Member Name: Peter Ward 2. Location: near Warwick, UK 3. ML Model(s): Ascent 4. Year Purchased: 2013 5. Mods/Changes: Foam damping on slope behind stator and in front of electronics in the cabinet, Cardas jumper plates, supported on 1 Stillpoint plus 2 Black Ravioli on marble plinth on...
  4. Peter Ward

    Shape of Ascent panels, and wrinkles

    I recently purchased a pair of Ascents s/h. I'm enjoying getting used to them, and have added a couple of tweaks so far: absorbent foam tiles on the sloping part immediately behind the panels, and the same in front of the crossovers inside the woofer enclosures. I've also given the panels a...
  5. Peter Ward

    ML newbie

    Hello everyone! After years of horns (Lowther, Klipsch), I've decided to try living with electrostatics. I was fortunate to get a pair of Ascents for a good price. I'm using them with a Lavardin IT amp which seems powerful enough and able to handle the low impedance at high frequencies so...