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    Finally using my Dynamo sub after two years!

    I know many on here know that I have had a Dynamo 700W sub for two years and never even hooked it up as I had an old ultra cheap Yamaha that I was waiting to break. Well, after two years I'm not waiting anymore. I pulled the Yamaha out and put in the much smaller sealed ML sub. All I can say is...
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    Dynamo 700 Sub New still in the box!

    I'm selling a Dynamo 700 that is still in the unopened box. The price is $400 plus shipping. I live in the Clearwater Fl area if someone wants to drive and pick it up. They were going for $600 last I saw. It was replaced with the Dynamo 800. 300 watt RMS and 600 Watt peak amp. Anyone looking for...
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    Amplifier/Receiver recommendations

    Hey guys, I was thinking that many of you have had various amps. Why don't we make a list of gear that meets a certain power level. These could be organized into sections such as high powered meaning 200 watts per channel and up, mid power would be 100 watts per channel and up to 200 and then...
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    $126.00 complete Acoustic Audio surround system

    I was cruising through Amazon today and I was shocked to see a high quality surround sound 5.1 set up like Acoustic Audio for an all in price of $126! with free shipping (prime). Here is the big item that seals the deal for me. It includes a blue light that lights up your subwoofer cone when the...
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    Hello from Florida

    I'm a new Martin Logan owner. I love the sound and have finally made a purchase. I am looking forward to reading the ML forums.