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    Best Sounding Recording on Your System

    I thought long and hard about this. I am sure I am missing some but, The Braveheart Soundtrack on CD sounds great. It is very well recorded and has a huge dynamic range.
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    Box alternative to Martin Logan.

    All-right, so please do not through any rotten fruit at me, but I bought some Magnepan MG12's. They showed up on the used market very close to me for a good price. The MG12 was the exact Maggie that I wanted for my space if I could not find any ML's. They are only 7 months old and were alomost...
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    Martin Logan Summit. Prodigy/Odyssey replacement. EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK!

    Hello Guys, Some things occurred to me about the Summit today which I am wondering about. 1) I read in Roberto's post that the active part of summit uses a digital amp. I wonder who makes it? And why did they go digital? 2) We spend a lot of time and money trying to isolate our amps and other...
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    Where are my MLs coming from?...

    Your right attyonline, I should lighten up a little. It was late last night when I typed my first message. But I still hold by it. I was not trying to pick on ML. I was merely trying to say that we can't blame ML for building speakers in Asia. In one way or another we (as society) have asked...
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    Where are my MLs coming from?...

    I was trying to hold my tongue on this, but I had to say something so here it is. In the end in comes down to that fact we want the best and we don't want pay for it. We say with our mouth that we want quality. Then we say with out actions the want the cheapest stuff out there. Why do you...
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    best cd player under $2k

    I have always loved Wadia CD players. I could very easily live with one.
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    Anyone listen to the Mosaic or Montage yet?

    Thanks Roberto, I am not looking to buy them. They are above my budget so I am still looking for some used Aeriuses. I was just curious as to how they sound as there is no threads I could find were someone has given them a review. Cheers.
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    I use pennies under my spikes to stop them from damaging my hard wood floor. I just color them black with a Jiffy marker. My old Paradigms were about 75lbs with stands and with pennies underneath the spikes my floor was never damaged. I guess you could put felt on the bottom of the penny for...
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    Anyone listen to the Mosaic or Montage yet?

    Has anyone out there had a chance to hear the Mosaic or Montage? I know there is a review of the Montage on avrev.com, but it would be interesting to hear what people on the board think. How do they compare to a Logan using a ESL? I am not looking at buying them. I am just curious about them...
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    Would the appearance of the Summit stop you from buying it?

    While the design of the Summit has grown on me, I don't think I would buy until the round they corners over a little. It's to sharp looking.
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    best cd player under $2k

    What type of sound to you like? Upfront and personal? Warm and lush? Cool and clean? etc..
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    Box alternative to Martin Logan.

    I have decided to hold out for some Martin Logan's. I was trying to think - How would I look back at this in six months? Answer is I would be disappointed if I did not buy Logan's. You have all been extremely nice and accommodating while I am bouncing back and forth. So please let me express a...
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    Jack Johnson: On and On

    Your right Kruppy, this is a great album. Like you said I would also recommend his other album "Brushfire Fairytales" Also for those interested, both of his albums are also available on LP.
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    Box alternative to Martin Logan.

    I saw those. They are the single wire Aerius which I have been told to avoid.I believe they are also to old to have the auto off circuit which I need because my wife has cats and now we have a new black lab. As well as the pricing is really high on them. Plus shipping into Canada is quite...
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    Box alternative to Martin Logan.

    D-day I'm about to do something stupid. After being without speakers for a month its starting to do weird things to me. Instead of listening to music I have been lurking around the boards. I have looked everywhere for some ML's I can afford and only had one good lead which went dead. So after...
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    Big rusted crowbar & huge ballpeen hammer

    I would recommend a hammer drill with a 1" bit. That ought to do it. Your other options would be a skill saw or angle grinder. If for some strange reason you still want them to look good enough for resale you could try this as a last resort...
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    suggestions for a turntable

    A Rega P3 is always a good starting point whether new or used. For a bit more I have heard good things about the Nottingham Horizon at around $1000. The cartridge will depend on if you want to go MC or MM? Cheers, Nick
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    Box alternative to Martin Logan.

    Just thought I would post an update. I talked to the guy selling the Aerius's on thursday and he assured me that I would have some photo's and the serial numbers of the speakers this weekend. Long story short I am not holding my breath, I think selling them is just not very high on his...
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    System #22 (Ascent i, Theater, Descent)

    Nice System. Well done. I like the way you have your rack to the side. When your friends race who wins? Cheers, Nick