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    Martin Logan Classic ESL9 and Anthem STR integrated amplifier for sale.

    Martin Logan Classic ESL 9 pair , gloss black finish. 1 year 6 month used. Final last price no further discount PKR 799,000. Anthem STR integrated amplifier. Black finish. 1 year 6 month used. Final last price no further discount PKR 499,000. Original cartons for both items...
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    Anthem STR Integrated Amplifier.

    NAME OF AMPLIFIER MANUFACTURER: Anthem. MODEL: STR integrated. MANUFACTURER SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE: USD 4500. BASIC SPECIFICATIONS: 200 watts @ 8ohms, 400 watts @ 4 ohms, 550 watts @ 2 ohms. EXPERIENCE USING THIS INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER: THE DARK SIDE: The most important feature of Anthem...
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    System #544 (ESL9)

    MEMBER NAME: Rehan. LOCATION: Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. MARTIN LOGAN MODEL: Classic ESL 9. DATE OF PURCHASE: March 13th, 2019. MODIFICATION: None. ASSOCIATED ELECTRONICS: I acquired Anthem STR integrated amp approx. year ago. Furthermore, I employ Anthem MCA 225 power amp to power the...
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    Pakistan election results signal hope of improved standard of living for residents.

    Congratulations Mr. Imran Khan your political party PTI won the greatest number of National Assembly seats. Inshallah you will hold the office of Prime Minister unless extremely corrupt politicians bribe and buy greater number of national assembly votes. The political, social and economic...
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    CPEC and government education reform.

    CPEC AND GOVERNMENT EDUCATION REFORM. PROLOGUE: Kudos to Chinese strategy creator for envisioning China Pakistan economic corridor. When compared to USA, China is not to the same extent technologically advanced and economic resources endowed. Chinese people and firms in this regard are...
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    Great new Anthem MCA 225 power amplifier.

    Name of Amplifier Manufacturer Anthem. Model Anthem MCA 225. Manufacturer suggested retail price 210,000 PKR. Basic specifications Power Output, continuous both channel, 20 Hz to 20 KHz, < 1 % THD 200 W @ 8 ohm 310 W @ 4 ohm 370 W @ 2 ohm THD at 100 W At 1 KHz 0.0010% At...
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    A very Happy Birth Day to risabet.

    risabet hope you have a wonderful day today. Wish you happiness, health and success always. Rehan A. Hashmi
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    Outstanding Pakistani artist Syed Muhammad Munirul Haq.

    http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/syedmuhammad-munirulhaq.html Above is the link to fine art work created by Syed Muhammad Munirul Haq. Enjoy!
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    Comic book character films : A great deal for the average person.

    Three great films I plan to view with family during the future 2 months. The first one inside of a weeks time. First, Batman versus Superman. Second, Captain America - Civil War. Third, X Men - Apocalypse. These films are rich in flavor like fruit juice concentrates. Cost tens of millions...
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    What power amplifier to buy to drive CLS under $2500?

    Have listened briefly to Quad Elite QMP mono blocks attached to EM-ESL. Scheduled day to listen to Anthem MCA 225 stereo power amp was today. However the HiFi retailer has not received delivery of the main amp. Hopefully by Saturday the Anthem 225 will be available for auditioning. What...
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    Hunting season closed permanently?

    Hunting season closed permanently? Every hunting season many living creatures get killed and that too not to fill hunger but just for sport or fun. Man has abused his authority as a top of the food chain mammal. The monotheistic religions Islam and Judaism may not have much in common with Hindu...
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    Possible to use JRiver MC20 to stream internet radio to integrated amplifier?

    Precisely 2 weeks ago discovered joys of internet radio. Ordered GeekOut V2 headphone amplifier and DAC. I have a J2P cable. My Dell computer has a very basic DAC is not satisfactory. Hence the LH Labs V2. I have JRiver MC20 for Microsoft operating system. Please I would like to know how to...
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    The Best of "The Alan Parsons Project".

    Creator: The Alan Parsons Project. Creation: The Best of “The Alan Parsons Project”. Copyright: This compilation, 1983. CD Label: Arista Records, Inc. Genre: Progressive rock, art rock, pop rock, soft rock. Description: This album audio quality receives a value of 3.5 from 5...
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    Fleetwood Mac - Tango in the Night.

    Creator: Fleetwood Mac. Creation: Tango In The Night. Copyright: 1987. CD Label: Warner Bros. Records Inc. Genre: Blues rock, British Blues, pop rock, soft rock. Description: A great recording. Receives a value of 5 from 5. One of my favorite artists and album that played...
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    Fleetwood Mac - Greatest Hits.

    Creator: Fleetwood Mac. Creation: Greatest Hits: Copyright: This compilation, 1988. CD Label: Warner Bros. Records Inc. Genre: Blues rock, British Blues, pop rock, soft rock. Description: The album sound quality receives a value of 4 from 5. This album includes vocals and...
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    Cher - It's a Man's World.

    Creator: Cher. Creation: It’s a Man’s World. Copyright: 1995. CD Label: Warner Music UK Ltd. Genre: Rock, Pop, folk, disco, dance. Description: A well recorded album. Audio quality receives a value of 4.25 from 5. Clear and dynamic. Sound of cymbals slowly decaying. I have not...
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    Enigma - the CROSS of changes.

    Creator: Enigma. Creation: the CROSS of changes. Copyright: 1993. CD Label: Virgin Schallplatten GmbH. Genre: World beat, New-age, down tempo, electronica, experimental. Description: The sound quality of this album is excellent and receives a value of at least 4.5 from 5...
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    Bruce Springsteen - Tunnel of Love.

    Creator: Bruce Springsteen. Creation: Tunnel of Love. Copyright: 1987. CD Label: Sony Music. Mixed by: Bob Clearmountain. Mastered by: Bob Ludwig. Genre: Rock, heartland rock, folk rock, roots rock, Jersey Shore Sound, pop. Description: Recording receives a value of at least...
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    Enigma - MCMXC a. D.

    Creator: Enigma. Creation: MCMXC a. D. Copyright: 1990. CD Label: Virgin Records Ltd., license in USA by Charisma Records America. Genre: World beat, New-age, down tempo, electronica, experimental. Description: Recording receives at least 4.5 value from 5. Dynamic, detailed...
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    Eric Clapton - Pilgrim.

    Creator: Eric Clapton. Creation: Pilgrim. Copyright: 1998. CD Label: Reprise Records, a Time Warner Company. Genre: Rock, Blues. Description: This CD has a good recording. Acoustics receive a value of 4 from 5. The sound is transparent, detailed, dynamic and clear. On the...