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  1. Paul172

    Audioquest Thunderbird Zero speaker cables

    I had a pair of ML Odyssey’s and I was using two sets of Audioquest CV-8’s on each speaker. Once I I upgraded to CLX I only needed one set which I have been using with satisfactory results till I tried a set of Audioquest Thunderbird Zero cables. If you own a pair of CLX’s and have not tried the...
  2. Paul172

    CLX: power cables

    Does anyone use aftermarket power cables for your CLX speakers? I have a set of Pangea AC14’s on mine. Let me know if you are and if you hear a difference.
  3. Paul172

    Does anyone use ceiling speakers for Dolby Atmos?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone is using ML ceiling speakers for Dolby Atmos or height channels? If so which model are you using? Thank you.
  4. Paul172

    Before (ML Odyssey) and after ML (CLX Art) system photos

    Here is my system. 2 channel and Atmos theater wrapped into one. Started with the Odyssey’s then I found an amazing deal on these CLX’s! 2 channel consist of PS Audio DirectStream DSD Dac which is also working as a preamp until I get my BHK Preamp in the mix. PS Audio M700 mono...
  5. Paul172

    Moving ML CLX’s

    Not sure if this is the spot for this post but has anyone transported the ML CLX’s without the factory boxes? If so is it safe to transport on their sides or laying flat? thanks for any advice on this. Paul
  6. Paul172

    ML Montis

    Has anyone upgraded from the ML Odyssey to the Montis? If so what kind of improvement did you experience? Thanks in advance!
  7. Paul172

    Repanel ML Logos center channel speaker

    Has anyone had a new panel installed or refreshed on a logos speaker?
  8. Paul172


    Hello fellow ML owners! I look forward to being part of the club! I owner a pair of Odyssey speakers, Stage X center channel, and a Logos center channel speaker