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    Revisiting the topic of ReQuests woofer replacement

    Given that my ReQuests are approaching 25 years old, I am contemplating to "refresh" the ReQuests by: replacing with new panels. recapping the PSU and crossover boards. replacing the woofers. The woofers with the closest specs to the original ones are Eminence Lab 12C, but these are 89db...
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    Seeking opinions on MC step-up transformers

    I am asking for a friend who is in need of a good MC SUT as he is not very knowledgeable with phono systems. His system which I helped put together consists of: 1. SoundSmith Zephyr MIMC Star 2. Technics 1200 Mk7 Turntable 3. Rogue RP1 preamp 4. Dennis Had Hot Rod Inspire Stereo Amp 5. Klipsch...
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    Amp upgrade from Classe' to Levinson

    As in my previous post “Blown request woofer”, for some reason, the speaker terminals to the left woofer got lodged together, causing the left channel of my trusty Classe’ CA300 to blow. I contacted a few technicians, only to come to the same conclusion that it will cost $1.5k - $2k to fix, not...
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    Blown reQuest woofer

    Trouble in paradise!! I noticed during my listening session today that bass was quite anemic so I went to investigate. I thought that the bass contour switch was knocked to -4db by accident. What I saw was the black spade had slid off and was stuck to the red terminal!! There was NO sound coming...
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    Tubed music server anyone?

    What would happen if you use this tubed computer as your music server? Heck, why stop there? I'd think one could wire a couple banks of output tubes in parallel and feed to the speakers, in output-transformerless fashion. Logically, shortest signal path from source, directly to speakers. Volume...
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    Settling the tubes vs. transistor debate?

    Maybe this "Vacuum Transistor" device will settle the glass vs. sand debate and we'll have more time to focus on whether cables make a difference :ROFL: Link to "introducing-the-vacuum-transistor-a-device-made-of-nothing"
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    Cary Audio's system of the month 12/09

    Look at what's featured at Cary's system of the month! Cary Audio's system of the month 12/09 Spike
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    ARC Sold!

    As reported on the S'phile page, ARC is now part of a big international company much like Classe' Audio being part of B&W. Audio Research Acquired by Quadrivio The same parent company of...Sonus Faber! Your thoughts? Spike
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    T+A Music Player

    For those European members, have you seen or heard this unit from T+A Elecktroakustik? Here's some info from the T+A ElektroAkoustik website. According to the web-site, it should be available now (Sept 2007). Looks to be a well thought-out product geared for the high-end market :cool: Spike
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    Help with cable organizer

    ...My name is Spike and I've got Joey-itis! I finally stepped into the 21st century, ditching my 15-year-old 35" tube TV, replacing it with a Sony 52" Bravia LCD. Now that I got the LCD flatscreen and the Cinema mounted on my wall, I see a mess of wires/cables running across my floor. These...
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    Power conditioner anyone?

    Now that's some serious power-conditioner from Bryston. Just look at the size of that transformer!! Bryston power conditioner @ CES
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    Hard Disk digital source

    Is anybody familiar with these units for digital source? Olive Symphony: http://www.olive.us Zero One Ti48: http://www.zerooneaudio.com They're both designed to be hi-fi equipment with straight forward remote control functionality (rather than controlled through PDAs or computer). Spike
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    System #27 (reQuest, Cinema)

    Member Name: V. Tran Location: SF Bay Area, CA ML Models: reQuest Year Purchased: 1996 Mods/Changes: None Associated Electronics: ModWright SWL-9.0 Signature Edition. ML reQuest in passive bi-amping configuration: 1) Audio Electronics Supply SixPacs monoblocs powering panels. 2) Mark...