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    Monolith III panel

    I am looking at replacing the panels on our Monoliths as well as the woofers and implementing an active crossover. I was speaking to the local importer today - replacement cost will be $2700 Australian. I tried to ascertain the age of the panels they have in stock as I understand that the...
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    CLX in Australia

    The Martin Logan dealer in Sydney has recently had the CLX in stock and has it set up for demonstration. My wife and spent an hour listening to music via a very impressive system. The CLX was powered by an all Gryphon system Mikado/ Sonata/ Antileon stereo. The demo room is about 5m x 9m...
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    Monolith IIIp crossover

    I have had all the bits and pieces - cabling, interconnects,SAE hex set etc etc to try passively biamping the Monoliths for some time with a dual Plinius SA102 setup. Opened the crossover box expecting to find a jumper between the high pass and low pass amplifier inputs - nothing there!! Spent...