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    Center Channel Sound Dampening

    I do have it sitting on an after market stand which allows me to get better adjust the ML integral stand for optimum integration.
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    Center Channel Sound Dampening

    I assumed that you have the stand that came with the Theater. Is that accurate? I bought the ML stand for my Cinema which allows you to tilt it to the best angle for dialog. I do not have a picture but my stand is a typical center channel stand with the Cinema and its integral stand sitting...
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    Center Channel Sound Dampening

    It is difficult to tell from the photos but ML center speakers with the electrostatic midrange element need to be aimed right at the ears. Otherwise, they tend to sound lifeless. This is due to the narrow radiation pattern of the electrostat driver. I got an adjustable stand for my Cinema...
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    Why does Stereophile not recommend a single Martin Logan speaker?

    Not to mention a unique way of expressing an opinion;)
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    Matching my Statements with surrounds - Ideas?

    Don't know that I have ever seen an otherwise valued member post such a series of wrong headed and petty posts in any forum, let alone this one. Sad.
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    Outrigger stands

    Why would you expect any improvement in sound?:confused:
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    Motif as surrounds

    I would not expect any improvement. The Motif is a center channel first and formost IMO. The Frescoes are better and play louder than the Vignettes but the difference is not great. If you can find some Scripts as demos or on sale used, this would be a true improvement over the Vigettes.
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    Planning a new system -- Is the kid right?

    Actually the kid is not wrong. If you primarily watch movies, there are better options for a theater than ML. Magnolia sells Klipsch speakers which are much more efficient and dynamic than ML for substantially less money. Given that BB/Magnolia only sells receivers and not high power amps...
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    Aeon-i Stat Panel Distorting!!

    It's a pretty good idea to vacuum them regularly. Some of the other members vacuum once each month. It depends on average dust buildup. I vacuum mine about every other month, and as a result, do not get the distortion you have experienced. Only takes me about ten minutes to do my Aeon i mains...
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    Whatta mistake....

    I am suprised that your winning personality didn't convince this kid to do as you asked.
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    A little tidbit of news

    Doubt if this is true. If there is no difference, why would ML charge their customers for a change that has no impact on speaker performance?
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    Interesting Video

    +1. The sound quality will sell itself to enthusiasts, but its the looks that will attract a wider audience of buyers and You Tube is a great medium to get the news out.
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    Wider Dispersion/Sweet Spot: Convex or Concave Curve?

    Exactly how many feet from the front of the speaker does the concave panel focus?
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    A well placed and calibrated, quality sub is always a plus in any system. Unlike stereo speakers, you can place the sub for best bass response independently of mid and high frequency sound quality. The CLX is the best speaker ML now makes, and it is designed for a sub to handle the bottom...
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    Listened to Source speakers today at Best Buy...

    In regard to Power's placement method, is it detailed on this site? I have never heard of it before.
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    Home Theater Center: Is Electrostatic Important? Mainly Voice, Right?

    I am curious regarding the specific areas that the Motif blows away the Cinema. The designs are quite similar. I would expect incremental improvements with the new micro perf technology and tweeter positioning, but not a quantum leap in performance. Did you take one home to compare in your...
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    Inactive Members/Using Forum for Selling Gear

    Most of the other forums require you to have a minimum number of posts before you can post a classified ad. I would think at least 10, but obviously buyer beware regardless.
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    Why would you treat the midwall junction on each wall? I thought bass was the weakest at the midpoint of each wall??
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    Yes, all corners are viable. Even when the room is very long and the rear wall is 30 feet away, traps back there still help a lot. And remember that most rooms have 12 corners, not just four. :D --Ethan Ok I will bite. My room has 8 corners I think. 12??:confused:
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    Hear's somethin U don't see every day- Logos, Theater i or Stage Dual Center Channels

    John, would it make more sense if you have Aeon i mains to go with a used Theater or a new Stage?