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    Check out the new python thick mains cables

    The Red Wave's are nice (I own one). In the same price range (list price), I like the Black Mamba HC CX, and the older Taipan Helix Alpha better - just my opinion. For DH Labs, try out their Power Plus cable first. The Red Wave does sound better, but not 3x better IMO. You can also get...
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    Check out the new python thick mains cables

    If you were already thinking of dropping $500 on PC's, why not stop by Music Direct and pick up 5 of the new Shunyata Venom 3 PC for $99 each. Music Direct offers a 30 day return if not satisfied. The Venom's are a nice step up from stock cords, and IMO beat anything in their price range and...
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    Check out the new python thick mains cables

    Changing out all of your stock power cables with the new ones you bought will have a change on the sound you get. Will it be a good or bad change? Only you will be able to determine that. Some advice for a next purchase - try out some used items to learn about their sound and save some $$$...
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    Check out the new python thick mains cables

    Yeah, they are knock-off's that is for sure. Techflex, the great cable disguiser...who knows what lies beneath. I have heard Signal Cables, and they are just a step up from stock cords IMO. Shunyata and DH Labs are two companies that offer GREAT products with a superb performance to cost...
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    Sanders Sound 10c's receive HP's Golden Ear Awards 2010

    Wow - with all this p*ssin and moanin about warranties, heresay and absolute garbage thoughts and ideas about ML's downfall, everyone in this moanin group should just sell their ML's and buy their lifetime warranty equipment with Sanders. Then all you whiners will feel much better. You can also...
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    Introducing: MartinLogan Ethos

    Pure Hype just to get you to buy the new speakers. Then in a year new panels would not be offered....:ROFL: If they had lifetime warranty, then the whole world would purchase them.
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    Sanders Sound 10c's receive HP's Golden Ear Awards 2010

    For this site a MANUFACTURES FORUM could be made where Companies are invited to post whatever they want about their products. Being a Manufacturer/Company Forum gives them the latitude to post marketing, ads, specials, etc. without upsetting the masses here.
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    martin logan aeruis panel wash fail

    Glad to help....and I understood your post just fine...
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    martin logan aeruis panel wash fail

    Mine dried in 4 hours, but then again I had multiple fans blowing on the entire panel front and back. Drip drying will take significantly longer depending on environment.
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    Need Amp' Ideas for ML CLS II Z & DL Parallels

    Plinius, Pass Labs, Threshold, Conrad Johnson, McIntosh, Luxman to name a few which would work well with the IIz's. Really depends on the sound you are looking for...Tubes, Solid State, Class A, etc. etc. The full range panel on the CLS models is a ho 'nother beast when looking at amps to...
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    Considering Arcam AVR 500

    Arcam used to use Wolfson Chip DAC's in their products. Now I see in the 500 they have switched to Crystal. Nothing amazing about any of them, like any other DAC chip. It is all about how they USE the DAC and especially the circuit after it. Depends on which sound you like better, so.....it...
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    Amplifier recommendation please !

    Not even close... If this is what you are "wanting", this is what you should buy. It will be a great addition and a significant upgrade in sound quality. Then for the next sound quality upgrade get a Pre Amp for Two Channel use, and use the Onkyo only for MCH Movies and/or MCH Music.
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    Are my panels broken?

    Wow....has this thread taken a wild turn...such a simple problem..... If your speakers are "NEW" and not "HOT", "STOLEN" or from a "WHITE VAN", go back to the establishment, tell them of your problem, and try to get them replaced. -OR-...gasp....Call Martin Logan and ask them......Gesshhhh...
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    Help a HT guy discover 2 channel

    Example: $1200 Pre/Power Amp: Used Parasound HCA-1200 and a used Conrad Johnson PV-10. $400-$600 CD: Used Cambridge, Rega, Music Hall, Rotel, Arcam, etc. All in one player would be an Oppo if you are looking for DVD, CD, SACD, etc. I am not a fan of the sound of the Oppo but you may...
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    Whats happening to this Forum???

    A bunch of the good ones have already taken that path, and a few more are already on that path nearing the end...
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    Whats happening to this Forum???

    Deja Vu.... http://www.martinloganowners.com/~tdacquis/forum/showthread.php?t=7619 I posted that over 2 years ago, chastised for those thoughts....and yet here we are, back once again....
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    Wilson Audio

    My favorite WP to this day is the WP/5 model. For the Sophia's the newer 2 version is probably the Wilson's I would buy today if I decided to go down that path.
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    Jim Power is RETIRING!

    Writing is so plainly on the wall I have just sold all my ML stuff and all the assoicated components - not ML but since it was hooked up to ML stuff it is now all "tainted". Blasphemy...out with the devil... So since the man-cave is now empty I went out and bought some more high end...
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    I suggest a group order of panels

    I think people are going off the deep end on all of this. Wait to see what ML decides then more forward, otherwise this is all just "the earth is flat" type talk. IMO, a person would be dumb not to test out new panels when you receive them. You do not have to fully install them to make sure...
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    I suggest a group order of panels

    So unless the panels are vacuum sealed they will go bad in a year?