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    Considering Selling My MLs

    I am considering the sale/trade of my Aeon i mains Cinema center. Looking at either Thiel SCS 4 bookshelves or perhaps a set of 900 series Focal speakers. I listen to about 50/50 music and movies. As a long time member of this forum, I know what the favorite speakers are here ;), but I am...
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    New Frescos!

    I finally got some new Frescos for my ML speaker setup. Been looking at them and the Vignettes for the past year as surrounds for my five channel setup with Aeon i and Cinema fronts. Got them new in box from BB/Magnolia at the closeout price. Took about ten days to get two of them from...
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    Is a New Vignette Coming?

    With the new Fresco i now in production, does anyone know if there is a new Vignette to be released soon?
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    B&W Center for a ML System?

    I spoke to my ML dealer over the weekend and he told me a few buyers are going with B&W center channels with the diamond tweeter to use in a ML system. They supposedly like the weight and timber of the sound match better than with a Theater or Cinema. I find this unusual, but such a setup is...
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    Trim Rails for Aeon i

    I did a search but did not find an answer. The new ML website no longer has this info, but I would like to know if ML made piano black trim rails for the Aeon i? Thanks for the info. :)
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    NAC Tweeter Experience

    I recently got an almost new pair Aeon i's for less than half price. :D I am curious what other users think of the NAC tweeter. Do you use it, and if so, when? Impressions?
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    Anthony Gallo Ti Speakers

    Anyone have any experience with these small speakers as surrounds with Martin Logans? Their size and lack of a crossover intrigues me for that use.
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    Fresco, Vignette or Script for Surrounds?

    5.1 system with Aerius i and Cinema center. What would you recommend for surrounds? No local dealer other than BB/Magnolia. Replies appreciated. :)
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    Craziness on Ebay??

    I saw a Cinema center channel stand on ebay last week. I bid $100 but was outbid, which was not surprising. What was surprising was it sold for $440! Last I knew you could buy this stand new from ML for $200. Is this crazy or has something changed regarding the value of this stand? :eek:
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    Dynamo Sub?

    I have seen a few older threads on this sub. Any one got something new to say about it? What size room are you using it in and what are the associated equipment? Is it loud and deep enough for you? Anyone using two of them either colocated or in different parts of the room? I have one from...
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    Audioquest CV8 Speaker Cables?

    Has anyone tried the new Audioquest speaker cables with the DBS battery power on the cables? I have no local dealers and these intrigue me. I cannot afford the top of the line models but maybe the CV8s if the price is right. I have the Aerius i speakers and a Rotel 1080 amp. I have done a...
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    Anyone Passively Biamping w/ Rotel 1075

    I may be buying a Rotel 1075 to passively biamp my Aerius i speakers. Anyone have experience with the amp or another with passive biamping. If so how did it sound, any improvement?
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    ML Subs and EQ

    Anyone have any experience with how the Descent or Depth couples to the room? I have heard that due to the driver layout of the ML with three drivers that you have less nulls and peaks than with conventional subs. What experience do you guys have in comparing these subs to conventional bass...
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    Passive Biamping

    I have a set of Aerius i speakers and am considering biamping them with a five channel amp. I have checked the archives here but found little useful info. Has anyone gone this route with their MLs and what was your impression as opposed to using two channels of power?