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    MartinLogan ElectroMotion ESL

    Has it really been on the market for eight years? Has it been updated in that time? Not including the bigger X brother. No doubt it does very well for ML sales wise. Never liked the Aerius comparison though.
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    New speaker.......Classic ESL-9

    http://hometheaterhifi.com/press-releases/introducing-classic-esl-9-martinlogan-adds-fully-passive-floorstanding-electrostatic-loudspeaker-new-masterpiece-series/ Theos and Ethos replacement.
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    Theos replacement must be near

    Low inventory on sites like Crutchfiled.com. Though I still think the new bigger ESL XL is the Theos replacement in part, I think the Ethos and Theos will be replaced by one speaker.
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    Motion 60xt review in Absolute Sound

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    Theos replacement

    I was suprised to learn the Theos was introduced in 2011. I am guessing ML has a 5 year generation lifespan so A new should be debuting soon. CES?
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    ML Motion vs Golden Ear

    They both use the same tweeter tech but how do they differ? Has anyone heard both?
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    W4S and new Martin Logan Motion speakers getting good pub from CA Audio show

    Wyred 4 Sound paired up with Martin Logan's Motion made quite an impression at the Ca. Audio Show. http://www.enjoythemusic.com/california_audio_show_2014/saturday/wyred_4_sound_martinlogan.htm https://www.facebook.com/wyred4sound?hc_location=timeline Surprised there is no mention of this on...
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    New Martin Logan Motion speakers

    This news has been out for a while. http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/martinlogan-introduces-dominant-motion-xt-speakers/
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    Montis review in The Absolute Sound

    Nice, positive and realistic review. http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/martinlogan-montis-reserve-series-electrostatic-hybrid-loudspeaker/?page=2
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    New Montis review in Hi Fi Choice Magazine

    They are really impressed. http://www.absolutesounds.com/pdf/main/press/HI_Fi_Choice_ML_Montis_Feb20134web.pdf
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    New Magnepan 20.7

    Surprised it has not been posted yet, but Magnepan will be replacing the 20.1 http://www.avguide.com/blog/first-listen-magnepan-s-new-flagship-207-loudspeaker
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    A perfect amp for Martin Logans

    And its from Martin Logan's sister company Anthem which is owned by Paradigm, which sorta of makes it a sister company. Very impressive specs.....Will drive anything less than a short. http://www.anthemav.com/products/anthem-statement/amplifier/m1-monaural/m1-monaural-amplifier
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    Summit X and the 24bit Vojtko DSP crossover

    Noticed the Montis and Ethos have this technology that blends the woofer with panel better. However the Summit X seems not to have this technology. Does the Summit X with its two woofers not need this tech? Or does this mean another new Summit or replacement speaker? The older Spires were oh so...
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    New Magnepan speaker

    The 1.6 replacement, the 1.7, to debut at CES. http://www.avguide.com/blog/more-ces-excitement-magnepan-introduces-the-mg-17
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    new all aluminum Magico speaker

    Over on AVguide, JV has a post on an all new Magico speaker thats looks alot like a refined M5. http://www.magico.net/magicoq/magicoq04.php
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    Krell Sold???!!!!!

    There is a post on Avguide.com that Krell has been sold to private equity firm (what profit did they see in Krell?) and that D Agastino has been let go...........Shocking if true.
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    Summit X

    Just speculating, supposedly ML will release the Summit X at CES. Just speculating on what it may look like. What benefit would it be if they double panned the mylar section like the bass section on the CLX. Wouldn't that lower the crossover point (which would be a good thing)? And would it not...
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    Ayre KXR and MXR

    The new KXR preamp has been on the market since January. The MXRs have been out for quite awhile, what are your opinions on these?
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    Power conditioners

    What kind of Power Conditioners are you guys using? Do you find that they limit dynamics? Anyone using Running Springs? Some users have stated they are super transparent and get out of the way,yet Cable Co.com states they could be soft on top with the Mongoose power cord. Final question,Some...
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    What about Bluray being used for audio only

    With the amount of info that a Bluray disc can hold and now that it is the de facto winner. Do you think Bluray will become the audiophile choice of medium for music. With CD sales going down the toilet,it would make sense for the music labels to debut High Def music (we have HD Radio,HD TV,HD...