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Why a Martin Logan Owners Forum?

Martin Logan Ltd is unquestionably the largest and most successful manufacturer of electrostatic loudspeakers in the world. Whatever preference one has for audio equipment and manufacturers, the Martin Logan name is relatively well-known and respected in the high-end audio community. The number of thousands of Martin Logan speaker owners attest to its popularity and this website is devoted to them. A site of this nature allows people from around the world to develop, exchange, and foster ideas and information on their favorite loudspeaker company. The Martin Logan Owners forum is a perfect meeting place for this exchange and brings all ML owners and fellow audiophiles together. None of us here would claim to be an “expert” in Martin Logan products, though there are some who are a little more knowledgeable. In fact, learning from each other is one of the ways of discovering about the potential of these wonderful speakers; hence the need to form an online forum where audio hobbyists and even casual listeners can collaborate.

In addition, the many features of this site allow anyone to participate in a number of ways. In the member systems section, you can browse and view pictures of some of our member’s systems and see their equipment preferences and set-up. In fact, if you already have a Martin Logan set-up, we welcome you to join this growing list of proud owners by submitting a photo of your system from that section. We also have sections containing the latest news (many official) from Martin Logan regarding upcoming products and showcases. Reviews on ML speakers and other associated equipment continues to be added to provide viewers with a variety of choices and the limitless and challenging, even fun process of matching up components. In fact, we would like this site to be the most comprehensive and satisfying experience for any owners or enthusiasts of Martin Logan loudspeakers.

Is this site sponsored by Martin Logan?

Currently we are not associated with Martin Logan, Ltd. The 'MartinLogan' and the MartinLogan zig logo are registered trademarks of MartinLogan, Ltd. Copyrighted material and reproductions of registered trade/service marks owned by MartinLogan, Ltd. are used with permission from MartinLogan, Ltd. Please see our disclaimer section for further details.

Who runs this site?

Much that goes behind the development of this site is strictly volunteered by a small group of Martin Logan owners and audiophiles. Of course, we are not about to give up our day-time jobs! All of us here have simply one mission: to create and support a permanent home to discuss - what else - but all things Martin Logan!

How often do you update this site?

Almost constantly - whatever news we find or receive about Martin Logan will be posted up immediately.

Where can I buy ML speakers? Which models should I choose?

Many high-end audio stores and dealers that sell quality stereo equipment stock Martin Logan products. For a comprehensive list of dealers, you can tap into the official Martin Logan site. There are many of us as well that have purchased these speakers through popular audio sites such as Audiogon and Audioweb, where previously owned, demo, and original items can be found at affordable and reasonable prices.

For more than two decades, Martin Logan has led the way in manufacturing electrostatic loudspeakers and no doubt there are many models to choose from. Whether it is a model from ten years ago to the latest, the trademark “house” sound of every Martin Logan speaker remains the same where the sound quality takes on a accurate, fast, transient, holographic, and almost life-like quality that only the best electrostatic speakers can portray. Here at the site, you will find owners of all kinds of models, where each can attest to the special sound of Martin Logan. Just participate and/or browse the site to find out more about each product. There is in fact, something for everyone.

How can I become a regular contributor and/or reviewer?

It is easy - simply register and start using the system! We always welcome any personal reviews on Martin Logan products; tweaks you have discovered that you would like to share; suggestions and comments on the site; or simply join us as often as you like in the forum! Let us hear of how else we can improve this site and make your experience more enjoyable.

Do I have to be a Martin Logan owner to contribute?

It does not matter what equipment you have or what your preferences are. We at always like to hear from anyone who is interested in exchanging and sharing ideas about the world of audio.