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    Hello, just joined

    Since everyone seems to be sharing...meet Lola
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    Hello Martin Logan owners!

    Just have to say you guys are fucking awesome. Thank you for that idea of hanging it much better than the stand idea. And the pictures are perfect. Thank you guys so much. :)
  3. YodaEva

    Hello Martin Logan owners!

    Thanks spkrdctr, exactly what I needed to hear. Just wanted a second opinion before pushing forward. 2k isn't chump change I did the math prior to this but I'm not an expert so figured it'd be a good idea to check with others. Thank you so much for giving my that much needed reinforcement to...
  4. YodaEva

    Hello Martin Logan owners!

    Hello JonFo! Nice to meet you and thank you for the suggestion. The room is in state of constant change and i have been looking into some new acoustic panels but more for the back and less for the front since i get a ton of absorption from my curtains which i love. But you make a good point. Now...
  5. YodaEva

    Hello Martin Logan owners!

    I'm here in Bay Area, CA. I've been collecting Martin Logan speakers for about 15ish years. And have had to move a lot of my stuff around. Right now i have the Theater center, reQuests for fronts, Scripts for surround, motion FX for rear surrounds, and motion 4s has heights. But planning on...