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    Should I Re-panel my CLS IIz or Replace Them with a Newest Pair of ML?

    I just replaced the panels on my '96 ReQuests for ~ $2400 and couldn't be happier. Here's my rationale: Nothing in the $3k - $5k range come close to these ReQuests. I prefer the lower crossover point (180Hz) of the ReQuests over the higher crossover freq. of the newer models. My woofers are...
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    SL3 Xover capacitors - worth changing?

    HW Engineer = Hardware engineer - AKA electrical engineer.
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    SL3 Xover capacitors - worth changing?

    My ReQuests are 25 years old, and I was contemplating this same question recently as I was about to open up my speakers in order to replace the panels. A few of my trusted HW engineering friends stated the same opinion: "As these XO caps run at no voltage and no heat, there would be no...
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    My new Prodigy panels are on the way in the mail!

    Funny how things aligned. UPS just delivered my replacement panels 1 hour ago. Ordered back in mid October 2020 and they are finally here! Once I get them installed, I am planning to send my original panels to Russ Knotts for reconditioning. I am planning to keep them as spares for the future.
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    Schematics for ReQuests power-supply board?

    I am thinking of replacing the 25 year-old capacitors in my ML ReQuest power-supply. I've seen the schematic for the cross-over board, but I have not seen the power-supply one. Please let me know where to find one if it has posted here. I've already emailed ML and they don't have any other...
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    Prodigy Panel replacement....

    Please clarify what are 'stat stops'. ML is building my replacement reQuest panels.
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    Looking at integrated amps for esl11a

    Agreed on the importance of power-supply in amplifiers. Here's my post on this subject a while back... Link to importance of power-supplies And of course, Nelson Pass' article on power-supplies Power Supplies by Nelson Pass
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    Looking at integrated amps for esl11a

    Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. I've been driving my electrostatic panels with tube amps for 18 years with great success. To my ears, the solid-state amps I've tried came close, but I still prefer my tube monoblocs over the solid-state amps. The differentiating factor (for me) is...
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    Looking at integrated amps for esl11a

    They may have a point. Looking over the user manuals for both 5200 and 5300, it is a bit strange that the 5200 user manual states: "The McIntosh MA5200 Power Amplifier Circuitry is designed for a Loudspeakers with an impedance of 8 ohms." and it does not give any power figure for 4 ohm load. The...
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    Looking at integrated amps for esl11a

    Either McIntosh integrated will do well with your set-up. There are lots of members here with ML & McIntosh pairing.
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    Amps & Preamps... Do You Match Brands?

    Marketing hype! Reading the VTL webpage, it takes 5 paragraphs talking in circles. First, they said that "For the best and most predictable results it is often best to use pre- and power amplifiers from the same manufacturer " only to revert their position in a later paragraph at the bottom...
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    Amps & Preamps... Do You Match Brands?

    It could be that the ESL15 are more efficient than the Summits, resulting in your JC1s not having to work as hard as when driving the Summits: Speaker sensitivity: ESL15=92db vs Summit=91db. Crossover: ESL15=300Hz vs Summit=270Hz. And then there's the size of the panels where the ESL15 has...
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    Running Audyssey when biamping speakers

    Please beware that the difference between the amplifiers' topologies may result in misleading results even though Audyssey is working properly. The power supply and the amplifier circuitry in the receiver may not be as robustly designed as the Aragon. I am suspecting that the bass from the...
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    Amp Recommendations for ESL 15

    I would not make such a generalized blanket statement like this. From the hardware, electronic perspective, the goal is to keep the number of components in series with the signal path down to the minimum in order to preserve as close to the original signal as possible. We know that amplifying...
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    Amp Recommendations for ESL 15

    Classic Krell vs Levinson, I had similar experience, but with opposite result when I went amp-hunting a few years back. I was considering the between the Krell KSA-100 vs the Levinson 331. The Krell was too harsh in the midrange when directly compared to the Levinson on my system. For my ears...