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    How about a Zoom session to commemorate the new site and 13th anniversary of our visit to ML in Lawrence, KS?

    Many thanks for the great time today. I hope we'll do this more often. it was a pleasure to meet you all. Please let me know if you decided to do this again.
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    How about a Zoom session to commemorate the new site and 13th anniversary of our visit to ML in Lawrence, KS?

    I'll join too. I just need to know the time and day that you all agreed on.
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    25% increase on Neolith Price

    Martin Logan increased the price for their Neolith Speakers from $80,000.00 to $100,000.00. Why?
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    Eikon speakers Gayle Martin Sanders!

    Hi Ken, Many thanks. Did you use boot camp because of the Windows convenience or because it runs Jriver better on Mac?
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    Eikon speakers Gayle Martin Sanders!

    Hi Ken, I have a couple of questions about your MacMini/Jriver. Do you use and external hard drive connected to MacMini for your ripped music? Is there any difference (delay. quality, ...) between using an internal or an external SSD hard drive (USB) connected to MacMini (with Jriver installed...
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    Summit crackling

    I used my purity pair for about 9 years (til September 2016) and I had the same issue with my left speaker. Any time it powered on but there was no other issues with it. I don't know why it kept doing that, but since there was no noise or hums during playback, I never cared about it.
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    New TV and Sound Bar

    Hi Gordon, I have an OLED65E6P (2016) model which was one of the last TVs made with 3D. My TV is professionally calibrated. The least impressive picture on this TV is from Directv (cable/sat broadcast in general because of compression) and the most impressive is Netflix Dolby Vision programs...
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    Any DIRAC Experts/Users in Arizona?

    Does anybody use DIRAC Live room correction in Arizona?
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    Summit X's for nearfield listening?

    My old speakers were a pair of Purity (powered speakers). I have an Emotiva XMC-1 and a calibrator is coming to calibrate the system using REW since XMC-1 can import REW filters. I setup everything with a SPL meter at 75db and when I play 2 channel music it sounds fantastic. It sounds much much...
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    I use Oyaide SRBN banana plugs to connect my surrounds to amp. But for the fronts I use Clear Day cables from Paul Lauditi. Those cables use bananas to amp also. But his banana plugs are smaller and they are the tightest and most secured banana plugs I've ever seen or heard of. I know he special...
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    What speaker wires do you use?

    I used to use LAT International speaker cables. Then I decided to use silver and I recently purchased clear day speaker cables for my fronts and center. They are great cables at least in my system.
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    Summit X's for nearfield listening?

    Hi bonzo, The 244 is only 17.5 inch X 11 inch which I put it just behind the panel since it is wall mounted, I hope you cannot even see it. the back of the front speakers do not exactly line up with the corner (they mainly face the wall). I just added absorbers to the corners since my panels at...
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    Summit X's for nearfield listening?

    Here is my new setup (finally): Many thanks to Gordon Gray for helping me to setup the Summit X. I still need to talk to him regarding the rest of my power cords. OLED65E6P Oppo-103 (external Darbee) 5 channel Anthem P5 Audio Racks: Adona Corporation Processor: Emotiva XMC-1 Sound Absorbers: GIK...
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    Why some use Banana Plug for the Amp Side and Spade for the Speaker?

    Why some people use banana plugs for the Amp and spade for the speakers? Why not use either banana or spade for both sides? Is there an advantage to do it banana / spade compared to either banana or spade for the whole thing?
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    Tucson MLO Club Meeting

    Hi Tom, I live in Tucson, Az and I'm a Summit X owner (still breaking in my speakers). I have to wait a few more weeks to get mt system adjusted since I'm in the process of buying a new OLED TV. Please you and Craig keep me informed for what's going on with the club. I may be able to join you...