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    Iso Acoustics Gaia 2 on Summit's ??

    Isoacoustics website has fitment information, I use Gaia ii on my EM ESL, correct thread size bolt will be provided by Isoacoustics free of charge.
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    Request, spikes or not?

    Bought Quest Z and reQuest before, they do come with spikes.
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    ML experience draws to a sad end

    I live in Taiwan with average of around 80% humidity. While I've never bought a brand new pair of ML locally, so far I've managed used pair of Clarity and EM ESL. Clarity been with me 2 years before I sold it and the panel was still functioning good. My friend revived a pair of EM ESL with soap...
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    Hello, just joined

    Nothing but love for 986.
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    MLs In Front and Back?

    Yes, back then I use Sunfire Grand Cinema 4 channels bi amp'd fronts, left over channel for center.
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    MLs In Front and Back?

    I have done ReQuest front/Aerius I back, SL3 front/ Aerius I back, Aerius I front/ Aerius I back, and same configuration with Scenario replaced Aerius I for surround duty back in the days. Excellent result with DTS music and 5.1 movies.
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    Should I Re-panel my CLS IIz or Replace Them with a Newest Pair of ML?

    Just think of it as you are buying a brand new CLS II not "re-panel".
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    Covering a 15a panel with a pillow case

    I've been doing regular pillow cases for years now, static was never a problem
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    1. Member Name: Tony C 2. Location: Taiwan 3. ML Model(s): Electromotion ESL 4. Year Purchased: 2021 5. Mods/Changes: Rake angle, and Isoacoustics Gaia ii feet 6. Associated Electronics: Micromega M100 integrated amplifier Audio GD DI-20 90/98m DDC MacBook Pro GPSDO 10mhz Clock...
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    Separate analog and digital systems into the same speakers?

    if you can go separate that would be the most ideal, look for preamp with AV/HT bypass, and make sure your HT Receiver or pre amp has pre-out.
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    My new Prodigy panels are on the way in the mail!

    Does Prodigy original came with Gen 2 panel? if does, I'm really interest to hear the difference compare to new built panel.
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    Howdy Ya'll

    SL3 to me, but the panel is slipping, give ML a call they will send you clips to remedy.
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    System with EM ESL

    I had Primare A30.1 mk ii paired with Clarity with really good result. Upgraded to Micromega M100 and EM ESL. Both piece has really good synergy and if you have chance, you should audition M100. I know another person in Italy shares same combo too.
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    Gunk on Summit panels

    When I got my used EM ESL and washed throughly, the brownish residues remain on the film, it doesn't cover the entire film, kinda spotty like yours. I took a small zip tie and bend the front tip and tried to get between the stator and film scrap off the residues as much as I can. Then just...
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    Streaming music, how do I start?

    If your receiver has optical in. You can look for a used Apple Airport Express, Then a mini optical (or an adapter) to regular optical cable. Using Airplay stream and control everything from your iPhone