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    How to remove ascent i panels

    Sweet...they lifted right out....thanks!
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    How to remove ascent i panels

    wondering if anyone knows how to do this. I would like to perform the "shower technique" as I've done this on other ML speakers with tremendous success. These ascents, however, I'm not sure how the rails even come off? Anyone know how?:confused:
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    Ascent i vs ReQuest

    Although this may not be the answer anyone wants to hear, one should always consider the age of their speakers. The Ascent i is going to be at least 5 years younger.....and panel life and condition is half the game. You really can't just decide on one speaker or the least not when...
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    Dynamo Opinions

    After playing with the Abyss in both my HT and 2-channel setup (Bryston 7B's & Ascents)......I've decided to keep the sub. I suppose it may not be as fast as their servo offerings, however, between the phase control, level controls, crossovers, and just overall sub has plenty...
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    Dynamo Opinions

    Well, I went to Fry's electronics to pick up the Dynamo but ended up getting the floor model Abyss. Got a very good deal $360, but in my haste I didn't realize it didn't come with a speaker grill. I need this to face forward (not down as it was at Fry's. Listened to both the Dynamo and the...
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    Dynamo Opinions

    Just wondering what everyone's opinions are of this sub. I see the older models (I believe they've gone wireless) are going for like $300....tempted to pick up a couple. Anyone have these....even in a small HT setup....or are they just used for computer setups? :D
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    System #269 (Ascent i)

    Update 11/1/08 Finally got around to placing absorbtion panels behind the speakers and some DIY tube traps in the listening area. I'm definitely going to be spending more money in this area, having something immediatly behind the speakers just seemed to round out the sound, making a slightly...
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    System #269 (Ascent i)

    Name: Paul Location: Glendora, CA ML Model: Ascent-i Purchased: August 2008 Mods: None Associated Electronics: Amps - Bryston 7B monoblocks CDP - Sony XA7-es Pre - Rowland Coherence 1 Nordost Blue Heaven Bi-wire speaker cables Nordost Blue Heaven interconnects Audioquest AC15 power cables...
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    power cord?

    Audioquest AC15 H/W As with all cable discussions, this is a hot one. I did, however, discover some Audioquest AC15 H/W powercables for only $39 bucks on Audiogon right now. HCM Audio is selling them, so I'm almost certain they do the terminations but for that price, heck, it doesn't cover...
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    Ascent vs Ascent i

    I just picked up a pair of mint Ascent i's for $1,600.....and can say I'm totally pleased with the sound. I may, after experimentation, try a sub but overall....the sound is liquid smooth. My question is, the seller was telling me how much better, and what a deal this was, considering they...
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    Martin Logan - back in the saddle again

    Well, after a 5 year departure from Martin Logan (took time off to design a few dynamic speakers) I'm happy to be returning the the ML club. Tomorrow, I pick up a mint set of used Ascent i's....and am dying to hear that distinctive ML sound I've been yearning for. TomDac - just a question, is...
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    Bryston amps and ML

    I've been running a set of Bryston 7b mono's for about 5 years now....and have no plans on changing. Everything else in my system, has been through at least one revision in that period. Bryston makes good, clean excellent match for ML, IMHO.
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    Vantage vs Ascent

    I run a set of Bryston 7B mono's......they should have plenty of power for anything I go with.....
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    Vantage vs Ascent

    I'm sure this has been discussed, and there's no easy answer, but I'm in the market for used ML's and have narrowed the search down to the Ascent or Vantage. I have a good sized room (15 x 25) and feel either would do just fine. The dilemma is how the prices have come down. Used Ascents can...
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    What's with the Odyssey?

    Why are Odysseys going for so cheap on Audiogon? This is a speaker that retailed a couple thousand above the Ascent.....yet the Ascents often go for the same or even more money. Is the Odyssey a flawed design or something. Just wondering why nobody is picking these up. I see a pair out there...