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    Class A amplifiers and ESL 9?

    I auditioned my Montis speakers with an Accuphase E650. They sounded great. I also listened to a Diablo 120 from The Gryphon, which is about the same price. This was also a great match. The Montis, however, have powered woofers, so I cannot tell if these amps would drive an ESL9 with the same...
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    Pass INT-25

    Last year, I auditioned my Montis speakers with an Accuphase E650 integrated amp. This was a wonderful match. I can’t comment on Pass Labs, but the Accuphase amp has similar specs: 30 watts in Class A into 8 ohms. (60 into 4, 120 into 2 and still higher into 1). Not all amps are equal, but power...
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    PS Audio Stellar M700 Monoblock

    They were reviewed with the ESL9s here. Hope this helps a bit...
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    position - directionability (is that even a word?)

    Do make sure that they both keep exactly the same vertical angle. I also tilted the back of my speakers but one was tilted a tiny bit more than the other. This caused a strange left-right incoherence in the sound that wasn't noticeable right away.
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    New member without ML

    Welcome to the forum, Cantodea. There are actually several dealers that sell Martin Logan speakers in Belgium, according to the importer.
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    new member here!

    Welcome to the forum, Brad. When you start ripping your CDs, you may want to read this tipsheet first. The first part will give you some good advise. The rest is about using the Meridian Sooloos system, so you can skip that part.
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    ESL 15A, 13A, 11A Reviews?

    Dagogo has a review for the Expression 13A: http://www.dagogo.com/martinlogan-expression-esl-13a-hybrid-electrostatic-speaker-review
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    Recommend tagging software?

    I use dbPoweramp.
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    New member, older owner

    Hi Terry. Welcome to the forum. I am a Purity owner too. I don't think that you need to invest in an amplifier. The Purity's are self powered, and an amp (at least a power amp) will not make them sound better. A better pre amp, or a more refined integrated, might be better though, but not sound...
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    Midrange and imaging issues with Vantage

    Perhaps this is a silly suggestion... But... Do you have very thick cushions on the back of your listening seat, that are very close to your ears while seated?
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    Depth noise?

    My Depth only gives a loud thump when I remove the mains plug from the power strip. I always unplug the IEC first, which doesn't cause such a noise. But otherwise: no noises.
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    System #502 (Purity)

    Hi Ashley, I can't really listen to Madonna for more than a few minutes... But I tried and Ray of Light doesn't have any peaks here. It's a very compressed song, though, and it doesn't sound very nice through Tidal. I did have a bass problem in the past, but moving my Purity's away from the...
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    System #502 (Purity)

    Hi Ashley, Thanks for posting your system. I am a Purity owner too. Have you tried to put your speakers a bit more into your room, away from the wall? That will really create a deeper soundstage, with a better bass integration. Best regards, Arlen
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    Very bad news

    Dear Gordon, I am really sorry to read about your problem. I can only hope it will get better over the next few weeks. Best regards, Arlen
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    Recommendations on streamer for flac

    I use a Meridian Sooloos system and I'm very happy with it. The cheapest option here is an MC200, which has a 1TB disk and it can connect to Qnap NASses aswell. Meridian also offers integration of Tidal, which will give you access to a wealth of new music in cd quality. The downside is that the...